Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1150 28.10.1939

Intellectual reasoning and heart-thinking ....
Teaching activity ....
Hypnosis ....

The erroneous opinion is represented that only the highly developed human intellect is able to penetrate into the knowledge about things which are still unexplored, and that therefore only the one standing in worldly knowledge can make experiences his own which reach into the realm of the unexplored and give the key to knowledge about this.  Man should certainly use his reason, he should also consider and examine everything and not thoughtlessly accept everything as truth, what is presented to him .... but relying only on the world's intellect is more foolish than to accept something unchecked, which a believing man imparts to him.

Faith in God is a greater guarantee of the truth of a teaching than the most accomplished training by worldly teachers.  In order to reach the truth, faith in God is indispensable .... Now, however, the earthly child, by virtue of the sharpness of it's intellect, can be far superior to those who stand in worldly knowledge, if it also desires that which has been imparted to it spiritually for it's fellow men .... if it would like to pass on what it has been given gladly and willingly and thus, in addition to it's own knowledge of hidden things, also requires the gift of being able to have a teaching effect.  What the human being recognizes in himself, is not always enough to offer to the fellow human beings.

A thought can illuminate the earthly child in a flash, it can be received and willingly accepted, but for reproduction, the received thought is often not sufficient, because the mind must first take up and process what the heart has received .... Correct intellectual reasoning also belongs to it .... The Divine truth can be offered to all, but the fact that this is to be passed on, requires - apart from the receptivity of the heart - also well-developed intellectual thinking.

The gift to teach must likewise be imparted to the earthly child, and for this he must also request strength, if it wants to correspond to the Divine will and to be active in teaching.  For here again, the free will is decisive.  To put an earth-being into the forced state to teach in certain times, does not correspond to the Divine will .... it would again be too obvious a work of God towards people that could curtail freedom of belief.

Therefore it is also not God-willed that people teach in an unconscious state, because in this state, man's will is weak, which can equally be exploited by forces who turned away from God .... as by strong-willed earthly people and their effects .... which need not be unconditional truth through these human teachings.  To make use of a weak-willed person in order to be able to express himself through him, does not correspond to the will of God - on the other hand, an earthly child devoted to Him in full will, is fully able to carry out the Divine will, because God Himself can work through him .....

He gives him utmost strength and fullest understanding, however, he must also ask for these and thus express the full will to be active for God.  Nothing is impracticable, what such an earthly child undertakes, if everything is about the transmission of the Divine truth.  And so the human knowledge of an unbeliever can far surpass that of the believer, but the latter will win the argument in every question of dispute, which reaches into the area of Divine truth, because God enlightens a child who consciously puts himself at His disposal and gives him the ability to use his intellectual thinking in such a way that he grasps it in a flash and can refute every objection according to Divine will.

And so even the wisest worldly wise man remains far behind the knowledge of such an instrument of God, if he would like to produce a proof without any faith in God about deep problems, which reach over into spiritual domain.   The God-serving earthly child, however, must also use his intellectual reasoning, because only when heart and intellect work together, the knowledge received from God can also be supplied to the fellow human beings, and therefore the otherworldly teachers are untiringly eager to stimulate the reasoning-activity, so that a mission is fulfilled, which is immensely important in the times of spiritual need. ....




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