Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1422 17.5.1940

Not one stone will remain on another ....
Wrong will ....

Reception will not be without disturbance as long as the earthly child does not oppose it with all it's will .... A little while longer and the Word of the Lord will be fulfilled, which says: Not one stone will be left upon another ..... Everything will be drawn into the chaos of desolation, both spiritually and earthly.  It will be a time of horror for all who desire an orderly life, for everything will tumble out of it's familiar course.  And whoever is still unawakened in spirit, whoever has not recognized that only the peace that comes from above can bring true peace, will be burdened by the hustle and bustle of the world, it will inhibit him and depress him.

And yet this time of suffering and mental pressure is determined since eternity, it is the only possibility for the transformation of wrong thinking.  And therefore the human will alone is the cause that this plight is alleviated, or comes to an end.  He only needs to give himself away, and the oppressive misery will be removed, because what man has conjured up by his wrong will, will change immediately, if this wrong will is recognized and changed to the best of his ability.  Man's soul will certainly not thank his will one day that it first considered the body and let the soul starve.

And this was the wrongful will of man, who did not recognize that the soul should first be thought of, before the body comes to it's right.  And this wrong will is now the cause of all the tribulations of the time ..... Therefore, the cause must be recognized and then the will must become active to remedy the spiritual distress.  It must try to make up for what it has caused up to now ..... He must enter into Divine union through conscious striving for God.  He must transform himself - i.e., try to bring all his thoughts and actions into harmony with the Divine will, which demands that he love God above all else and his neighbor as himself.  If he observes this commandment, his spirit will also be awakened, and he will clearly recognize the purpose and also the blessing of the suffering that has affected the world and also himself.

It is a pitiful state which keeps the world bound today .... the wrong will appears so strongly, and still only few recognize it's cause, and therefore the misery also cannot leave them until the actual purpose is reached of bringing the people to a different mindset.  And therefore the coming time will still bring much misery over mankind, because the eternal Divinity does not want to leave it to it's self-chosen fate.  And the efforts of all helpers willing to serve, are exceedingly great to shorten this dreadful time by trying to influence man's thinking.

Because the Lord of heaven and earth sets all spiritual powers in motion to initiate an action which inevitably has to lead to the right recognition if man does not offer open resistance and rejects God's help and grace.  For He wants to help mankind to bend it's will of it's own accord and surrender to the Divine will.  Then the time of need is over, because trust in Divine help gives Him the right to intervene, and the human soul is saved from the terrible danger of destruction. ....




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