Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1852 18.3.1941

Power of the Divine Word ....
Fight against Christ ....

The power of the divine Word will penetrate when the battle against Christ will be waged with all means. A certain freedom of thought is still left to the human being but the world will also want to subjugate this by preventing any spiritual direction which affirms Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world, thus deliberately withholding all knowledge about it from people. And this will lead to an obvious battle which can only be fought with the sword of the mouth.

It will be full of the spirit who courageously and unabashedly speaks the name of Jesus and stands up for Him, even though he is in danger of losing his life. And then it will become apparent that the divine Word truly has great power. Wherever it is proclaimed to people it will be received with real hunger .... and anyone who hears it will feel the strength in himself, and it will truly do him good, for the human being will be in want if God Himself does not take care of him and send him refreshment and refreshment.

The pure Word of God, rendered by people who have received it directly from Him, will sound so convincingly and effectively to those who carry Jesus Christ in their heart and yet are unable to completely separate themselves from the world. They will attain clarity of thought when the divine Word is preached to them, for God has imbued this Word with His strength so that anyone who willingly listens to it and accepts it into his heart will be permeated by this strength and will only continue to take sides with this Word. And then it will become apparent that none of it can be refuted, that everything can be unconditionally accepted which will be conveyed to humanity through the bearers of this Word.

The followers of Christ cannot emerge victorious from this battle without the Word of God, and that is where the spiritual superiority will be where pure truth, the light from the heavens, is taught. Nothing will be able to refute the bearers of this divine truth, they will uncover every ambiguity, illuminate every error and denounce every untruth, and no matter how persecuted they are by the representatives of God-opposing power, they will find each other and work together, and no earthly power will be able to withstand them, for God Himself is with the fighters, and the victory will truly be where the truth .... is recognised as God's gift ...., where it is preserved as the most sacred possession and publicly represented before the world .....



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