Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1853 19.3.1941

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In view of the spiritual hardship, the Lord Himself descends to earth again to help humanity. This is proof of His infinite love and mercy, He does not leave people to their fate but seeks to save them from the power of the enemy. Faith in this is the first condition for recognising the Word received from above as truth. Whoever lacks this faith cannot be given any other proof of the truth. This is also a sign of the times that those who want to serve Him fight each other and that these believe to serve Him if they reject and condemn this Word.

God's love is taught but not recognised where it expresses itself .... The words of Holy Scripture are only read with the intellect but not with the heart, and therefore their interpretation often deviates completely from the actual meaning. And if God takes pity on humanity and wants to guide its spirit towards knowledge, He will encounter harsh resistance and the outpouring of His love will be disregarded and rejected as originating from the demonic realm.

And thus God can reveal Himself time and again, the human being's will is in opposition to His love .... the human being's will nullifies the effectiveness of the divine Word, for God's love cannot be forced upon people, it has to be recognised as such in free will. And therefore the strength of the divine Word cannot be expressed in them either, for they themselves resist this effect of Salvation and do not allow themselves to be grasped by divine love. And God does not exert the slightest coercion on the human being's free will .....

What the latter does, thinks and speaks is entirely up to him; yet it will inevitably recognise God's voice who devotedly entrusts himself to Him and appeals to Him for strength and grace to do what is right and to recognise the truth. The will to stand in the truth and the will to serve God also enables the human being to be able to examine without prejudice. But this will has to be present, otherwise an examination with the right success is impossible.

What God gives to people can also be recognised as truth as soon as the human being asks God for enlightenment of the spirit. Yet only mental understanding is not sufficient for the examination of what can only be grasped with the spirit, what the spirit from God imparts to the spirit in the human being ..... Therefore, anyone who examines without having intimately united with God will hardly be able to distinguish truth from falsehood and his judgment will therefore not be authoritative ....



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