Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2026 12.8.1941

Belief in the redemptive work of Christ ....

The distance from God remains an unbridgeable gulf for the person who does not acknowledge Jesus Christ as God's Son and Redeemer of the world, for there is no possibility for him to change his condition. For this is a state of powerlessness.

But the strength to strive higher can only be imparted to the human being when he avails himself of the grace of the act of Salvation. Before that, he is still in the bonds of the one who is far from God and has no will to come close to God. His power and influence over the human being is still too great for the human being alone to be able to escape it.

And Jesus Christ died on the cross for all people who lacked the strength to detach themselves from the adversary, and thereby He acquired the grace .... for them, i.e., through His death He imparted the supply of strength to those who acknowledge Him and want to let themselves be liberated by Him from that power which is distant from God.

One's own strength, i.e. the strength which God grants to every human being for life, is incapable of anything in comparison to that power, but the strength which Jesus Christ acquired for people through His death on the cross is capable of everything. .... Thus it can also change the state of remoteness from God into a state of closeness to God as long as it is desired and used from the heart.

Therefore, the divine Redeemer cannot be excluded, His act of love, which He accomplished for humanity, cannot be disregarded or denied, for this signifies willing submission to the all-destroying Power.

And if humanity surrenders its faith to the divine Redeemer it will stand where it stood before Christ's descent .... in utmost remoteness from God ...., for it is completely under the control of the evil one, it carries out everything he demands, it is, so to speak, one with him through its will.

Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross was the means to bring help to enslaved humanity against its jailer. But if it does not want to let itself be redeemed, it remains in its unredeemed state, i.e. distant from God, and thus completely enslaved to that power. Without Jesus Christ and faith in His work of redemption, there is no freedom from the power of God's adversary, and the state of remoteness from God can never be changed. ....



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