Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2031 15.8.1941

Love protection against evil ....

A powerful weapon in the fight against evil is love, and he who fights with this weapon will be victorious. Anyone who stands in love cannot be harmed by the evil power, he is protected against all attempts of the enemy to harm him.

And thus the human being's first effort should be to practise love, then he will be exposed to few temptations, for a loving person is not bothered by the enemy because he knows that his efforts are unsuccessful. And therefore the loving person will lead an easier life on earth, he will not be exposed to such severe suffering or troubles, for if he stands in love he is already turned towards God and no longer needs suffering to reshape his thinking.

Love and God are inseparable, to be active in love means at the same time to reduce the distance from God, it means therefore to come closer and closer to God. And where God Himself is in the human being through love, the enemy will understandably not be able to be there, thus the human being will not be exposed to his oppression.

Practising love is the first and most important commandment, because only the loving human being has the right to divine love. The attention of divine love, however, is the only thing the human being should desire on earth, for divine love fulfils everything for him, it gives him earthly and spiritual possessions, it gives him peace of mind, it gives him strength and grace, it introduces him to knowledge and keeps everything impure away from him, which surrounds the human being and oppresses him .....

Divine love has only one goal, to move its creations to join the Creator from eternity .... thus love will always favour the union with God and consequently signify the detachment from the power which is against God .... Therefore, where love is, God's adversary cannot be, therefore the loving human being cannot be at the adversary's mercy either. He protects himself against him if he lives in love .... He thereby pushes towards God and God grants him His protection against all evil ....



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