Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2037 19.8.1941

Living beings - power stations ....

The life current, whose original source is God Himself, will never run dry, and therefore the earth will shelter living beings as long as it exists, and again the earth will exist as long as spiritual beings are still in need of maturity. Every living being receives strength from God, and therefore every living being is a power station from where the strength can always be passed on or diverted.

The transmission of strength from God is the same as contributing to the increase of that which exists in creation, irrespective of whether it is still seemingly dead creation, i.e. earthly matter, or living creations, the strength from God must always be used for the increase of that, otherwise the earth would remain what it was, thus it could never transform itself.

But the earth is in a state of perpetual change, and that visibly, if man himself causes this change or natural elements are active which bring about a lawful change. Invisible, however, are the changes which affect matter which appears to be dead, for these often take an inconceivably long time so that the human being cannot observe them and they are therefore not noticed in a short time.

But since the stream of life flows out of God to every work of creation, nothing can remain unchanged, for everything lives that is in creation, and to live means never to remain the same, it means constant change within oneself. The living beings, however, are obvious carriers of power from God, for they never remain in the same state. So there is a force in them that drives them to activity, no matter in what way. And this force is the life current from God ....



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