Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2038 20.8.1941

Life ....
Association ....
Activity ....

Everything that is alive is therefore in connection with God ..... Everything that appears to be dead or lifeless is likewise, but the spiritual substance in it does not yet recognise its affiliation with God and consequently does not feel the strength it receives.

At the moment of giving up resistance against God it becomes aware of this strength and can also use it, for then the desire for activity sets in and it is allowed to carry out an activity which results in its maturing. Thus maturing without activity is unthinkable, just as right activity without higher development is unthinkable in the stage of free will.

It is true that free will can also be the cause of activity which is not conducive to the soul's maturity. Then the strength out of God is misused, and such misuse can result in endless times of the being's bondage, so that the being will never get rid of the compulsion which an earthly work of creation means for the spiritual in itself.

The progressive higher development can therefore be recognised in everything that lives, that is active ..... Standstill or decline will be recognisable in those works of creation which remain in the same state, thus appearing dead to the human eye.

Yet the human being can contribute towards allowing these works of creation to become active in some way, then the strength from God will begin to take effect, i.e. the dead state will become a torment for the being in these creations and it will long for life, and this is the beginning of spiritual higher development. From now on the being strives upwards because it serves and serving is also an activity ....



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