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BD 2056 3.9.1941

Trinity ....

The doctrine of the Trinity of God has already given rise to the greatest fragmentation of believers and will always be a source of annoyance as long as it is not corrected, i.e. offered to people in an acceptable way.

Spiritual darkness caused it to arise .... Spiritual darkness found an interpretation of the words "Father - Son and Holy Spirit" which was enough to confuse people's thinking. This is also a doctrine of faith which had to be accepted unconditionally because the person who thought about it could not come to a satisfactory solution, i.e. he would have had to reject it decisively. And this was prevented by forcibly demanding the acceptance of the doctrine of faith.

The doctrine of the three-personal God is unacceptable to every thinking person .... It is already impossible for a human being to imagine God as an entity, for an entity is the concept of a solid form, without which it is incomprehensible to him. As soon as the human being imagines the Deity as a person, he gives the solid form a shape .....

This is in accordance with man's capacity for comprehension, but completely deviates from the truth. To establish a doctrine of a three-person Deity is only to weaken the divine essence and to create a distorted image of the eternal Deity through humanly limited imagination. The concept of the Trinity of God can only be explained where the prerequisite for understanding is given by the desire to fathom divine wisdom by way of faith and love.

People who are neither deeply religious nor in love would only want to dissect this concept purely intellectually, and this cannot lead to the goal, i.e. no result can come about which comes close to the truth.

However, many things are understandable to the believer because he is mentally instructed from the spiritual kingdom. Faith and love are the preconditions for the knowledge of God's love and wisdom, of God's working and activity ..... They are also the preconditions for the knowledge of God's love and wisdom. Furthermore, they are also the prerequisite for receiving the truth. ....

Thus, those are truthfully informed of God's love, which has brought forth everything that is ..... They are instructed about the connection of all things, the primordial beginning, the purpose and the goal of all that is, and thereby they realise the infinite wisdom of God .... They are informed of the power which flows through everything, of God's omnipotence, of His will which is constantly active, and of the connection of all creation with this power.

The believing, loving human being grasps all these wisdoms, for if he is believing and loving, divine spirit flows through him, i.e. he receives the strength from God directly and thereby becomes seeing and knowing. Thus he now also understands that the mystery of the eternal Deity can only be fathomed if God Himself can work in the human being through His strength, for spiritual things can only be grasped spiritually.

God is spirit, and the strength from God is likewise spiritual .... If this flows to the human being then he can also penetrate otherwise unfathomable territory, for then it is not the human being who solves this question but the spirit from God in the human being. But the mystery of the essence of the eternal Deity will remain a mystery to people who only think intellectually. ....

And so the doctrine of the Trinity has also been interpreted by human intellect, and thus the doctrine of a three-person God came into being ..... God can never be personified, He can only be made visible to man in the form of Jesus Christ, so that people on earth create an image of God for themselves by imagining Jesus Christ in all His glory ....

The eternal Deity is love, wisdom and power. - Love is the producer of all that is ..... It is the Father of the universe, it is the elemental power without which nothing could exist that is .... Everything came forth from love, and everything that has turned away from it shall become love again .... Love is God Himself. - What has come forth from love reveals His wisdom .... Love is God Himself, His wisdom testifies to everything that originated from Him, His creations, and thus what is from the Father is His Son. - And God's will, His power, which caused everything to come into being, that is His spirit .....

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are in Himself the essence of the eternal Godhead ..... Love and Wisdom and Willpower. "The divine will of love took form", these words are the same in their meaning as "Father, Son and Holy Spirit". For God's love caused the will to become active and created .... God's love and spirit embodied itself as wisdom .... The Spirit of God caused the Son to come forth from the Father. - Anyone who believes and stands in love grasps this wisdom and for him the Trinity of God is resolved.

But in what error do people walk who lack faith and love and who nevertheless have accepted something as a doctrine of faith which remains unacceptable even to the wisest sage. For those who imagine a personal Deity still lack all spiritual knowledge. They apply something purely earthly to spiritual entities, which is completely excluded from the spiritual kingdom. The idea of a three-person deity is misleading, although the addition .... is used. "they are one".

Man is forced into confused thinking as soon as he allows himself to think about it. However, God does not forbid the human being to think about it ..... God wants to give him clarity, and he must think about it. God wants to give him clarity and it is not His will that he should walk blindly due to human influence, only the right path should be chosen which leads to knowledge.

And they are truly not called to instruct the ignorant who are ignorant themselves and try to compensate for their inability to receive spiritual knowledge through intellectual thinking and intellectually established teachings. God is spirit and can only be fathomed spiritually ....



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