Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2061 8.9.1941

Right Prayer ....
Fulfilment ....
"Father, Your Will be done ...."

The greatest power lies in the conscious call upon God. Everything can be achieved by the human being whose attitude towards God is such that he makes contact with Him when he is in earthly or spiritual distress, for he can be relieved of every worry. Another will now take care of him, Whose power is the greatest.

God has provided His children with a bridge to Him, prayer. Whoever uses this bridge always and constantly has the opportunity to present his worries and needs to Him; and to be able to present worries to God also means to become free of them, for God relieves every person of suffering, the more willingly the more it is presented to Him in trust.

Once the human being has freed himself from the feeling of insurmountable distance to God, he feels like His creature, thus he recognises his affiliation to God, then his prayer is also right, for he will now speak to his Creator, his Father from eternity, like a child and confidentially come to Him asking for help in all his needs.

The human being is powerless ...., whatever he starts can only be completed according to his wishes if God gives His approval. Thus, if a person wants to become master of his worries and suffering on his own and disregard divine help, his efforts and striving will be unsuccessful if God does not give His approval.

All success is nevertheless dependent on God, and understandably God will assist the person who comes directly to Him and asks for His help. The right prayer testifies to the right childlike relationship which God wants to see established, and then Fatherly love comes into action and He fulfils the human being's every request. ....

Intercourse with God should be free from all outwardness, as well as from exaggerated submissiveness, which is expressed in posture and gestures. The relationship of the child to the father should be an intimate one, childlike and submissive in obedience, but intimate love should unite the child with the father.

Such an intimate relationship must also earn the child the fulfilment of every request, for God is love and love denies His child nothing that gives it pleasure. The child will also be allowed to make earthly requests as long as it has recognised that the Father's love will take care of the child in a way which is beneficial for it .....

The result of this realisation is that the fulfilment of every request is entrusted to the Father, that the child prays 'Father, Thy will be done' and that it now trustingly surrenders itself to the Father's love and humbly receives from His hand what is intended for it. Every prayer should be based on faith and trust in His goodness and wisdom, then the earthly child will leave the fulfilment of its requests to the heavenly Father, and then the prayer will be as pleasing to Him and He will hear it. ....



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