Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2069 13.9.1941

Spiritual reorganisation ....

It is a certain spiritual arrogance to feel called to introduce a spiritual new order, i.e. to want to eradicate the existing and replace it with new teachings and commandments which are certainly meant to serve the best of humanity but which only bring physical advantage but no spiritual higher development.

This is indisputably an influence of evil power, for this plan is directed against God and against divine teaching, and anyone who acknowledges it is likewise subject to that power, otherwise he would recognise the will directed against God by the fact that the divinity of Jesus Christ is denied. Christ brought salvation to the world, and if He is denied the world will fall back into the state of spiritual darkness it was in before.

And precisely this spiritual night in which it walks is the cause that God rekindles the light again and uses all means to make people think. For it is spiritual darkness to presume or approve of wanting to improve something which God let come to earth through Jesus Christ .... a teaching which only preached love and which alone can promote spiritual higher development, and it is presumptuous to now want to improve this teaching and replace it with something new which no longer corresponds to the divine commandments.

In His infinite love God still lets the effect of this plan become a blessing for people who are in danger of neglecting the divine teaching of love and focus their attention too much on externals. They will be prompted by a strong shaking of their previous thinking to take a stand on the core of Christian teaching.

They can easily give away what is taken away from them as long as they have faith in Jesus' divinity within themselves and thus also adhere to His teaching, which only has love as its guiding principle. Therefore, even those measures which are taken in order to bring about the downfall of something existing will only serve to deepen faith, although this is not the intention of those who enact such measures.

But the externals are worthless, and therefore they should not be mourned. This only leads to clarification of the innermost feelings, it leads to reflection and can thus be a blessing for those who are lukewarm. Nevertheless, the intention behind the plan is reprehensible.

To feel called to bring about a spiritual upheaval is a lack of humility and thus also a lack of knowledge, as long as some earthly advantage is to be achieved through it. The world, however, does not seek to increase the radiance of the light but to extinguish the light because it illuminates its activity, for the driving force for this is the one whose will is directed against God ....



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