Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2071 14.9.1941

Refuting the objections and teaching with God's help. ....

Every objection is to be refuted with God's help. The human being must always be ready to call upon God in his heart, he must never rely on his own strength, he must start everything with God, i.e. ask Him for His blessing and thus also let heartfelt prayer precede the instructions of his fellow human beings.

Then he will feel equal to every objection, he will, driven by God's spirit, use the right words, grasp in a flash what is still unclear to him and now be able to answer or explain every question in an understandable way. Intellectual thinking alone will not suffice to clarify questions concerning spiritual life.

But since the opponent, whose objections are to be refuted, only raises them intellectually, every objection can be refuted with the help of spiritual strength, for spiritual working is stronger and makes every intellectual acuity weak and inadequate. The human being who lacks spiritual knowledge will always dispute the truth. Since he still belongs to the world it is unacceptable to him and his will resists it because the truth would determine a different way of life. And therefore it is an extremely difficult start to introduce people to the truth.

And all means are used by the one who is the lie to prevent people from accepting the truth. But God's love is equally intent on guiding the truth to earth and spreading it.

Yet anyone who undertakes this task will always be in battle. Nevertheless, great strength will be at his disposal, providing he makes extensive use of it ..... He has to commend the soul of the one he wants to impart the truth to God, he has to pray for this soul, he has to ask God for mercy so that He will make it easy for him to recognise the truth, so that He will impart the strength of realisation to him. For prayer for the souls of fellow human beings, for their spiritual need, is unspeakably beneficial.

And even if the human being resists and tries to refute everything, his resistance will become weaker and weaker the more selflessly the bearer of light commits himself to illuminating his fellow human beings' spiritual night. For God now stands by him .... He speaks to people Himself, so to speak, and if the heart is not completely hardened the listener feels the strength of what he now hears and it is no longer difficult for him to accept what is offered to him ...., i.e., he moves it in his thoughts, and now the spiritual forces have access to the human being's heart and continue the spiritual work they have started by mentally trying to influence him.

The resistance subsides, the desire for knowledge and the desire for truth grow, and the ground is now well prepared for the otherworldly forces which are responsible for the care of these people. How these beings struggle for the souls entrusted to them on earth .... And how difficult it is sometimes to find entrance with those who are still too attached to the world or who have been pushed into wrong thinking by worldly influences. The spiritual hardship of the time is overwhelming and the will to reject spiritual truths strong and almost unbending ....

Yet a loving person sometimes easily succeeds in changing his fellow human being's thinking if he sincerely asks God to bless his undertaking and then approaches a task with increased strength which is indeed difficult but extremely urgent, because only in pure truth can the path be found which leads upwards. God allows the truth to reach earth in order to make it accessible to the whole of humanity; consequently, He will also bless every effort which is aimed at spreading the pure truth amongst fellow human beings. ....



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