Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2081 20.9.1941

Divine guidance ....

The path to the heights is easy and light-hearted when God Himself is man's companion. Then there are no obstacles, for God leads His protégés past all dangers, He leads them through thorns and brushwood without them paying attention to them, He does not let them go astray, but leads them safely and quickly to their goal. The path to the heights is only arduous when man wants to walk it alone. Then he is often in danger of stumbling or deviating from the right path.

But as soon as he hands himself over to divine guidance he can walk on earth without hesitation, his path will be the right one, for if God is called upon as a guide He is also ready to lead. Invisible to the physical eye, but constantly effective and perceptible to the human being's heart, who now walks so safely because he knows that God is always with him. And wherever he directs his steps, wherever he sets his feet .... God Himself has guided him and therefore everything he undertakes is right. It will correspond to divine will, for if he surrenders to God without resistance God's will will pass over to him and he has to carry out what is God's will.

And the human being need no longer worry, for God determines today and tomorrow, He determines the day and the hour when that which is intended in His wise plan will come to pass. He determines the people who shall fulfil their mission, He influences all those who joyfully submit their will to Him; He does not determine them against their will, yet those who are willing to serve Him feel the divine will in their heart and willingly fulfil it.

Thus He can make use of those people for His activity on earth. They continue on their path unperturbed because they know they are under divine guidance, and they are courageous and powerful .... They also guide their fellow human beings onto the right path, for those who are under divine guidance know their task. They seek to help their fellow human beings and likewise motivate them to choose God as their guide. And whoever, guided by God, walks upwards, his path must lead to the goal .... to the eternal home, to the Father's house .... into the kingdom which God has prepared for His children in all glory ....



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