Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2080 20.9.1941

Earthly Measures ....
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It is something purely external which people take offence at, as well as they condemn earthly decrees merely because they complicate or impair earthly life. As long as the human being's life of soul is not endangered by it, such decrees are irrelevant and can even contribute to the promotion of it.

Thus all measures need only be considered and considered in the right attitude towards God and it will be recognised that God thereby wants to eliminate another deficiency, even though something else is strived for on the human side. Man's will is directed towards the destruction of what exists. As long as the decrees are directed against spiritual striving, this intention cannot be approved of .....

God, however, uses such measures to remedy a spiritual deficiency at the same time. He does not prevent the human will from carrying out such measures so that people who previously joined a spiritual direction purely mechanically, who were, so to speak, followers without their own deep reflection, will now find the right attitude towards God. Now they are confronted with the decision and have to take a stand in their hearts towards God, and only then does something come alive which until then was mere form .....

And thus even decrees which are born of evil will can signify a spiritual advantage for the human being as well as cause him to reflect in the first place. Consequently, God also does not prevent the human being's will from such endeavours which seemingly destroy something spiritual but in reality result in increased spiritual activity in those who seriously seek God or were in danger of becoming lukewarm and negligent.

For what the human being wants to do is permitted by God, only its effect is weakened if people who are faithful to Him are endangered by it. Or the right path will be shown to those who are in danger of losing God. And if the human being's inner life is deepened as a result, even the harshest earthly measure can be a blessing for him ....



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