Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2098 5.10.1941

Imperishability of what God causes to come to earth. ....

A gift that is of divine origin is imperishable. Everything that comes from God remains in its original substance because it is spiritual strength, it is the product of the emanation of love from God. It cannot pass away because spiritual strength, once emanated, remains eternally the same .... Power which stimulates activity .... The form in which this strength expresses itself is the same; it always remains imperishable.

If God reveals Himself He also sends spiritual strength to earth, for He is Himself in the Word .... But God is strength .... And thus it is understandable that He does not reveal Himself in the Word in order to abandon this Word to destruction. What His will allows to come into being has its reason and purpose. For God does nothing arbitrarily but everything is premeditated since eternity and testifies to His wisdom and love. And because His transmissions are indestructible, they will also fulfil their destinies.

Only rarely can the pure Word of God be conveyed to earth, and therefore a work rarely lasts. But God's will is sufficient if what this will has allowed to come to earth is to be preserved. And even if the Word is hotly disputed, people will never be able to invalidate it, for its strength flows into everyone who seriously examines it. And God Himself will see to it that only those who seriously examine will gain insight, for He knows what is necessary and everything is good the way He lets it happen.

In the coming time hardly any person will be unburdened, and everyone will need encouragement but not want to seek it where it alone should be sought. Yet if the pure Word reaches him he will feel it as strength which stirs him up inwardly and stimulates him to think about spiritual problems .... and which, on the other hand, seems like a gentle encouragement from above.

And anyone who attentively reads the divine Word will fall under its spell, even if he has previously opposed it with hostility. For the Word is strength, and the strength works as soon as the human being is without resistance towards it. And God will protect His Word from falling into the hands of people who are immature to judge or who are still in the power of the adversary .....

The Word comes to earth in the face of great spiritual adversity; it is a means of remedying it; it is the help which God sends to His Own and is the lifeline for all who are in danger of drowning in the whirlpool of the world .... And should this Word not be able to survive time and be arbitrarily destroyed? God is Himself in the Word with the people .... This faith eliminates all fear of earthly measures ....

God is the Word and His love is infinite that He wants to come to people in order to help them ..... However, He cannot manifest Himself more visibly than in the Word. But where His Word flows down to earth His spirit of love is also active, and He will never ever let pass away what this spirit of love has brought into being. For God is strength, His activity is an emanation of strength, and human will is incapable of dissolving the strength into nothing. ....



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