Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2097 4.10.1941

Spiritual nourishment ....
God's grace ....

The influx of divine grace is clearly recognisable when the human being's desire for spiritual nourishment awakens. Then God's love comes into action by extraordinarily influencing the human being's thoughts by good spiritual beings which thereby want to carry out God's will and help the human being's soul.

As long as the human being does not consciously oppose them, this influence will be successful and the soul will willingly follow them into the kingdom which the friends in the beyond want to open up for it. This process of mental influence is a grace which God grants to the human being who trustingly turns to Him in prayer for His help.

And every questioning thought of God is an unconscious prayer which already finds an answer. Conscious prayer, however, also earns the human being divine grace, i.e. help in spiritual adversity. Once the human being's desire for spiritual nourishment has awakened, it will always remain in him, even though a soul hungry for truth will always be satisfied. "Ask and it will be given to you ...."

God wants people to call upon Him in prayer and He assures them that their request will be granted. However, as soon as a person desires spiritual possessions and sends his prayer upwards for them, he will never be in want and yet his desire for them will never be satisfied, for God's grace makes him constantly desire spiritual nourishment. And thus he will also be constantly provided for.

But spiritual nourishment is knowledge of the truth. The fact that the human being is instructed in the truth is God's greatest grace, for God offers the human being a precious gift ..... He offers Himself, for God is the eternal truth .... And as soon as the human being desires the truth he also desires to be united with God, and thus God also accommodates him, for He leaves no desire unsatisfied which applies to Him.

Anyone who desires Him will no longer make a wrong request, for the will for God also earns the human being His deepest love, and God's love gives ..... It gives everything the human being lacks .... Light and strength .... And both flow to people in the Word which conveys His love and grace to those who hunger and thirst for divine gift of love, for they will gratefully accept it and also pass it on .... they are in God's grace, they are seized by His love, for they have found God ....



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