Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2123 21.10.1941

Powerless state in the afterlife ....

The unused time on earth can never be made up for in the beyond, even though an ascent upwards is also possible there. The process of change on earth takes place in a short time, whereas an indescribably long time is required in the beyond to place the soul into the degree of light which results in creation and shaping.

On earth the will towards God and heartfelt prayer is enough that strength is imparted to the soul, for the strength is available to it unmeasured, whereas in the beyond the being is powerless in the stage of imperfection, so that it can no longer do anything of its own will. For what helps it to become free from oppressive envelopment requires strength.

It does not possess this strength and therefore cannot change its state at will but must first acquire the strength through its will. But the will is weak, precisely because the being is imperfect. In earthly life, on the other hand, the will towards God is sufficient that its strength is increased as soon as the human being believes in Jesus Christ and His act of Salvation. For Jesus Christ acquired this increased willpower for people through His death on the cross.

Everything the human being does is an expression of strength, thus the human being can constantly use and benefit from strength because it constantly flows towards him. He can therefore perform the works of love, which free him from his bondage, at any time as long as he wants to, even if he is still imperfect, which the imperfect beyond cannot do. For even if it wants to help and give love .... it can only do so when it receives love itself and thus can pass it on.

And this love, which thus becomes strength, must first be given to it by willing beings .... either by people through prayer .... which, however, is an act of the human being's free will and can certainly be desired by the beings in the beyond but not forced .... or by beings of light which are able to give love and can only distribute it when the being has the desire to help and be lovingly active on its part. Thus the will to be of service must first be present before the transmission of strength can take place, and in its pitiful situation the being thinks of itself first rather than of the suffering souls.

On earth the human being uses the strength for any activity, and thereby he always and constantly serves without consciously subjecting himself to service. Thus his soul can also shape itself unconsciously if it inwardly drives him to do good and he does not resist this impulse. And thereby the strength in him is increased, and his earthly life can be inconceivably successful because every good action earns him strength again and lets him consciously strive towards God.

Thus in earthly life the human being can do whatever he wants because he is not hindered by a lack of strength. Whereas in the beyond the will does not yet mean receiving strength at the same time, but only the will to help earns him strength. The strength which is now imparted to him benefits, as it were, the beings to whom he wants to give help, and through the will to help he now also acquires the love of the beings of light, and only now he is also considered by them.

The ascent to ascent certainly starts with the moment of loving activity of an imperfect soul, but it requires an inconceivably long time before it reaches the same goal, which the human being can easily achieve on earth, since he can immediately put his will into action, since he does not lack the strength to do so. Will and strength are absolutely necessary for the transformation of a still dark being into a being of light.

If the being is powerless its state remains unchanged, i.e. the same as it was when it left earth. The upwardly turned will earn it increased strength as long as it remains on earth, whereas in the beyond the granting of strength is linked to a condition .... with the passing on of this strength to souls in need of help.

Thus the being must desire the strength for other souls .... A desire to work in love must be the reason for requesting the strength, then this strength will also be supplied to it. The willingness to be lovingly active is therefore a prerequisite for the supply of strength. But in earthly life the human being can dispose of the strength even if he does not use it to be lovingly active.

And therefore the human being can achieve undreamt-of spiritual progress on earth as soon as he uses the strength he is entitled to according to divine will. He can completely shape himself into a being of light and, upon his entry into the beyond, attain a degree of light which will result in inconceivable heavenly delights, and a being which leaves earthly life in spiritual darkness will need an infinitely long time to shape itself into a bearer of light, even though it will also receive help in the beyond from the beings of light which are constantly active in order to guide the darkness towards the light. ....



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