Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2162 23.11.1941

Accepting the word of truth requires faith and loving work ....

The spirit from God only gives truth, and what it proclaims to the human being can be unhesitatingly accepted as such. However, only the believer will be able to judge whether and when the spirit from God is at work, for the unbeliever does not recognise such spiritual activity at all. The believing person endeavours to live in love and is thus already able to recognise God where He expresses Himself.

And the fact that so many people who want to be believers resist the divine Word, which is the result of the working of the divine spirit in the human being, is indicative of the shallowness of their faith. They can certainly obey everything their church prescribes to them, but if they don't have love, everything is just empty form and they still walk in darkness of spirit. Then they will also not recognise the light which shines for them, for only love in the human being's heart sharpens the power of realisation.

And where the will for good and right before God is rooted in the heart, there will also be recognition, for in those the divine spiritual spark also awakens to life and impels the human being to love ..... And this divine spiritual spark seeks contact with the spiritual strength which flows towards the human being through the imparted Word of God. The spark in the human being's heart must always be awakened in order to be able to recognise divine spiritual activity, and the prerequisite for the awakening of the spirit is good will and loving activity.

The human being will now unhesitatingly accept as truth what is now imparted to him. Where divine truth is resisted, the human being will still try to fathom spiritual knowledge with his head, and this way he will never penetrate divine wisdom. And what the human being has acquired intellectually will not penetrate the human heart as strength either .... again it will only be empty words which move the human being's intellect but not his heart.

For what shall speak to the heart has to be born from the spirit, it has to be spiritual knowledge which is directly received from the spiritual kingdom and then passed on by a person of love and faith ..... For this Word will carry the strength within itself, it will touch the human heart and stimulate the human being's will into activity; it will be effective because it is strength from God.

Divine spiritual strength must be effective if the human being does not resist the effect through unbelief or lack of love. The human being's faith and love inevitably attract God's love, and God's love expresses itself in strength which now flows towards the human being. To recognise what is good and true, to want what is good and true and also to be able to carry it out, this is what the strength from God brings about, which is conveyed to people through the divine Word .....



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