Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2214 17.1.1942

Father's Words ....
Swinging Necessity ....

Let it be My concern in which way I convey the truth to people, for you truly do not have the ability to judge My reign and activity ..... You cannot appreciate the compelling necessity of expressing Myself in an extraordinary way. Neither do you know the depth of My love which prompts Me to help you in the spiritual adversity in which you humans languish.

Everywhere I open the source of wisdom and make Myself known to people. I approach everyone who has Me as the goal of his striving. I Am always willing to introduce him to the truth, yet I make one thing a condition .... profound humility and recognition of one's own weakness .... Thus the admission of his God-distant state is, as it were, the prerequisite that the human being seeks to remedy his God-distance and that, since he feels himself too weak, he sincerely appeals for grace ....

Therefore, anyone who deeply and humbly begs Me for mercy will be met by Me and receive My grace. I give him what he lacks, I enlighten his spirit so that he will recognise Me and thus learn to love Me ..... And as soon as he loves Me I shower him with My grace, with My love, and I make him knowledgeable in the most diverse ways. But who among you humans would want to dictate to Me in which form I should make you happy? ....

Whoever believes to stand in truth must not contradict each other, for I share the same truth everywhere ..... Nor should there be any spiritual ambiguity, for where I offer the truth there will also be understanding for it, and light will arise in the human being ....

If I then express Myself a light will be kindled which has luminosity .... thus the truth will be offered which is comprehensible to everyone and thus the light will shine far away .... But I never offer the truth in a form which is only understandable to a few, providing the recipient strives for the truth. The will for truth also guarantees fullest understanding if the truth is drawn from the source which I Myself open for you humans. If you accept My gift you draw from the source of wisdom, from the inexhaustible spring My love offers you who humbly appeal for My grant of grace ....



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