Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2260 14.3.1942

Army of Fighters ....
"Fear not ...."

The will to serve Me will earn you strength and grace, and My spirit will overflow into you so that you will recognise My will and be able to appropriate it. For if you do yourselves what My will tells you to do, the weakness of faith will fall from you. You will also grow stronger in love for Me and feel the strength flowing towards you as an inner urge to be active in love, as an urge to be active for Me and to save the souls of your fellow human beings from spiritual adversity.

As soon as you take care of your fellow human beings' salvation and strive to bring them light, My love will always be close to you and I will stand by your side wherever you need My help ..... I want to train you to be warriors for Me, and therefore you must be faithfully devoted to Me and comply with every request that is made to you .... And therefore you must also listen to My voice and time and again try to establish the connection with Me so that you will hear it and thus be well informed of My will.

For soon I will need you and assemble the army of My fighters. And then your faith must have become so strong that you will unhesitatingly carry out what I tell you to do. And therefore I will first take away everything that still connects you to earth so that you will be free and only serve Me; I will withdraw you from the world as soon as you have overcome it, for you shall now fight for My kingdom, which is not of this world, and therefore you must sever every bond with this world.

Yet I want to make this easy for you so that you will not fall into temptation; I want you to thank Me for releasing you from the world by taking from you what you previously voluntarily offered Me ..... I want to relieve you of your worries so that you will only serve Me alone, for this is your task, that you promote My kingdom and work on earth in My stead. Love for humanity should impel you to help it in the great spiritual adversity, and you can only do this if you don't pay attention to any danger threatening you through people.

You shall be subject to Me alone and fear Me alone .... But you should not shy away from people, for their power is small if I oppose it with My power. But anyone who serves Me will be strong and also overcome his enemies, for I will give him the strength to do so and stand by his side Myself if his thought calls upon Me .... And therefore don't become anxious and despondent but always remain faithfully devoted to Me in love, then there is nothing that is insurmountable .... For I Myself call out to you: 'Do not fear but believe in Me, in My love and My strength ....'



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