Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2262 15.3.1942

Spiritual connectedness ....

People's spiritual bond with each other is of greatest advantage for the individual's soul, for the human being is stimulated to spiritual activity, to reflect and to work on his soul. He is by no means forced to do so but will seek to perfect himself of his own accord, and then the Word of God will become effective in them and faith will come alive. Mutual exchange of thoughts is the right transmission of the divine Word, for everyone who stands in knowledge shall give and the ignorant shall ask and receive. Then there is no systematic transmission of teachings of faith, but every word has life and will awaken life again.

And that is why contact with spiritually striving people should be cultivated, because only in this way does the truth break through, which is brought to people through the Word of God. And only then will the Word be put into practice, love will be practised and love will progress in its higher development. And then there will also be peace and harmony amongst people, for anyone who is the recipient of light and strength from God will want to distribute it again with all love and influence his fellow human beings in a beneficial way, and this will awaken reciprocated love and thus trigger a state amongst people which corresponds to God's will .... Concord and unity and mutual service in love ....

The Word of God is given in love and educates people to love, consequently all unkindness must be banished where God Himself speaks to people in the Word .... And therefore people will always stick together and support each other in suffering and adversity, for love unites them, and thus all suffering is easier to bear where spiritual striving simultaneously turns people into sisters and brothers.

In a world where spiritual striving is tried to be suppressed, spiritual unity is doubly beneficial because it gives people strength to resist and spurs them on to spiritual activity, while the individual is in great danger of succumbing, i.e. of giving up his resistance and surrendering to the oppressive power.

But the human being is strong if he knows that he is united with people of the same spirit. Time and again he draws new strength from the mutual exchange of thoughts, for if people are united by truly profound spiritual striving the spirit from God will be effective amongst them and express itself, and strength and grace will flow to the souls so that they will shape themselves according to divine will, for everything that strives upwards together has to mature ....



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