Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2263 16.3.1942

Need of Faith and God's Assistance ....

God's voice will be heard throughout the world so that all people will recognise the Lord of Creation and learn to fear Him. For He is indeed a God of love, but where His love is not respected He will be a God of severity and speak to people with an iron voice. And then there is still time to turn to Him, for a short time of grace will follow His last admonition, which people can still make full use of.

Admittedly, this time will be bitter and hard, for people will have to live in want and completely adjust to the new living conditions. They will have to make do with a meagre life, which will be little pleasure and all the more effort and work. And they will not believe they can bear such a life and will lose all support if they do not find it in God. And then people will separate again into those who come closer to God by thinking about their situation and those who then drop all faith and deny everything that is connected with God and spiritual striving. But for the sake of the few who still find their way to God, this time of grace is still given to earth ..... And it will come to pass as it is written ....

The spiritless world now fights against the few believers in order to dissuade them from their faith, and it uses every means to achieve its goal. For it sees faith in God as an obstacle, an impediment to its shameful plans which are to be carried out to restore the old living conditions. And thus the world, i.e. people who are devoted to the world and only strive for worldly wealth and enjoyment, wants to eradicate all faith, and any means will do. They deprive the believers of all nourishment and deny them legal assistance, they fight against them more cruelly than one enemy against another and thereby try to make them fall away from the faith.

And this is the time when God makes high demands on people's faith .... where faith shall prove itself and accomplish great things. For God will not abandon His congregation, He will stand by them in this great adversity and provide for them well if only they faithfully trust Him. And those who have been deprived of everything will often be wonderfully strengthened, they will receive strength from God directly and draw it from the Word of God, which is and will remain the source of strength in this coming time, which will certainly place great demands on people's faith but which is also abundant in grace ...., for God's might and strength and love will be revealed ....



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