Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2290 6.4.1942

God's protection to the recipient of the revelations ....

The revealed Word of God, i.e. the Word which is received directly from God, bears the stamp of divine love within itself, for this Word is the direct emanation of Him Who is love Himself. Hence the recipient of this Word need have no qualms that he will be oppressed for the Word's sake as long as he accepts the divine revelation. Both spiritual and earthly opponents cannot use their power and strength, for this breaks down against the power of God. Temptations can certainly approach the recipient of the Word in the form of threats but these threats will never be able to be carried out, for God Himself watches over His instruments as long as they have not yet fulfilled their mission.

The human being's will to be of service to God is the greatest protection against these forces. He thereby forms an impenetrable wall around himself, as it were, which none of the opponents can break through, for anyone who is a recipient of strength from God can also offer resistance through precisely that strength which flows directly towards him. Every attack must remain ineffective, and only weakness of faith can reduce the power of resistance. But as long as the spirit from God obviously works, the evidence is given that God's love is inclined towards His servant and His love and omnipotence will protect him from all danger. But in addition the divine Word can only rarely be conveyed to earth because this depends on a person's willingness to serve.

But the necessity of transmitting the pure truth to earth is understandable to every thinking person, and God's power would truly be very small if His will were not sufficient to withdraw a person willing to serve from the hostility of his opponents. The latter will be able to fulfil his office carefree because he is the executor of divine will and serves a cause which is beneficial to humanity's spiritual well-being, i.e. which is intended to bring salvation to the soul. As long as the human being is willing to serve as a mediator between God and people he is, although still on earth, a co-worker of the beings of that kingdom where earthly power does not reach, and thus he is also inaccessible to earthly power because divine power now directs and determines his path of life according to His eternal counsel.

And thus his earthly life will now take place according to divine will, for he consciously subordinated his will to it, he allowed himself to be seized by God's love, he allowed himself to be permeated, and he now constantly receives divine strength against which earthly power can no longer stand. Only when the human being has fulfilled his earthly mission will his activity on earth be stopped, but never by people, instead, God Himself determines the end by calling him away from earth so that he can continue his redeeming activity in the beyond, where a new task awaits him ....



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