Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2291 7.4.1942

Different schools of thought ....
Testing the Sources ....

People are fighting a battle against each other that is far worse than world events at the time of ..... These are the different schools of thought whose representatives fight all the more tenaciously the more their views are refuted. And this constant battle against each other only results in the fact that each one has to be suppressed by the One Who alone is the truth and Who wants to guide the truth to earth. For if people support a school of thought which does not correspond to the truth, this is a distancing from God as truth Himself. Every spiritual battle is only justified when the fighter is in recognition. Then he should also stand up for what he has recognised as truth. It is true that every representative of his school of thought believes himself to be in knowledge, and therefore he also considers himself entitled to fight.

But there is one thing a person does not take into account .... that the origin of his knowledge is decisive for the truth of it. As soon as people do not have the same opinion, different sources of their wisdom must also be inferred. And this source is therefore the first thing that must be subjected to criticism. Pondering and researching have usually preceded every gained view, and pondering and researching have yielded different results ..... So brooding and research can never guarantee correctness, but the guarantee of truth must be sought elsewhere. As long as people think differently, they are still far from the eternal truth, for in truth all must find each other. In order to think alike, however, the basic attitude must also be the same, i.e. the attitude towards God must first be examined.

If the attitude towards God is right, then the thinking must also be right, because God as the eternal truth will guide the thinking of the human being correctly, if the human being recognises Him as truth and desires Him. The right attitude towards God is therefore a prerequisite for right thinking, and thus only the person who affirms God with full conviction of his heart can stand in truth. But the human being can only affirm Him if he establishes a living contact with Him .... if he recognises himself as a completely dependent creature and desires unity with Him, that is, if he wants to unite with Him, because he feels that separation from Him is contrary to God. This spiritual foundation is the first prerequisite for right thinking ....

And according to it the human being will also move in truth. Thus, the human being's knowledge can only be assessed when it has been gained in the profound connection with God, which can only be re-established if the human being believes in a Being Who is exceedingly loving, wise and powerful .... which is therefore supremely perfect. This convinced faith is a living affirmation of the eternal Deity ..... The love, wisdom and omnipotence of God, however, will be the explanation for the most extraordinary things. Everything can be considered possible from this point of view.

But the human being who does not yet stand in truth will reject everything which the person standing in truth justifies with divine love, wisdom and omnipotence because he lacks faith in such a perfect Being. Consequently, he does not unite with this Being and cannot be taught by Him ..... And those who teach him are people who are not above human error. Their opinions may be conjectures but they can never claim irrefutable wisdom. Rather, a person who knows the truth will easily succeed in refuting them because nothing is alien to him and he is introduced to the most profound wisdom through intimate contact with God.

And thus people who advocate different schools of thought should always first make the effort to clarify their opinion of God, and then it will emerge who is closest to the truth, for it will inevitably be where the deepest faith in God is rooted in the human being. For this person is in union with God, and he can also consider himself to be taught by God as soon as he approaches God Himself for the truth, thus he receives his knowledge directly from the One Who is truth in Himself. The will for God and the desire for truth are the guarantee that God will express Himself and distribute the truth. And thus people should not fight each other but examine and then accept what seems inwardly acceptable to them. And if the will for truth is strongly developed in a person, the realisation will come to him very quickly ....



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