Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2307 20.4.1942

Promises ....
Spirit ....
Truth ....

It is the spirit which gives My church its character, and this spirit can be expressed in every denomination, for it will always fill people who strive towards Me. But I did not establish denominations but only a church, a community which shall be based on profound faith. Therefore, anyone who wants to join My church has to be deeply believing and long for Me ..... I only look at this, but not at the denomination a person belongs to. For only then is the human being able to pray in spirit and in truth.

He establishes a connection with Me which is free from all externality, for faith and desire reduce the distance from Me, and the human being enters a bridge which My love has built to earth ..... He speaks to Me humbly and trustingly and desires My nearness. Thus the spiritual spark in him, which is My share, unites with Me, its Creator and origin. And now the spiritual connection is established, the separation from Me is finally overcome. The human being belongs to My church and is therefore a member of the church of Peter, which was built on profound faith, for only genuine, profound faith has initiated the intimate relationship with God, but where faith is lacking the human being can never ever pray to Me in spirit and in truth.

Consequently, everyone will belong to My church whom faith has prompted into a living connection with Me, which has to be established if My spirit is to permeate him. My spirit, however, is the life of the church, for a church which is not permeated by My spirit cannot be My work, it can never have been founded by Me. And My spirit will be everywhere where love is ...., thus, where love is taught and love is practised again, My spirit will also be recognisable there. Consequently, My spirit has to express itself in people of all denominations, because there are truly loving people in every denomination and My spirit will flow into them.

But the working of the spirit will be ascertained by the increase of light and knowledge. Being enlightened is an obvious sign of the working of the spirit. And consequently, My church, i.e. its rightful followers, will be in knowledge, for through their profound faith and desire for Me they make themselves receptive to this knowledge, they do not oppose the working of the spirit. Wisdom from God or wisdom from people .... these are the characteristics of the churches, i.e. the individual denominations and their followers.

In every denomination there can be people who are taught by God and likewise those who have absorbed human knowledge. Thus only those can count themselves to My church who have also received wisdom directly from Me through the working of the spirit, which is the emanation of My spirit. .... And this church of Mine will never ever perish .... it will continue to exist forever, for there will always be people who have faith and love and carry a fervent desire for Me within themselves, and I will remain with them forever .... I will constantly dwell amongst them in spirit, as I have promised ....



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