Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2308 21.4.1942

Instruction from God or from men ....
Spiritual Arrogance ....

It is a certain spiritual arrogance when a person who has not been taught by God believes himself to be knowledgeable. The knowledge he has received from people is mostly the result of intellectual thinking using established teachings and this knowledge can correspond to truth if those teachings originate from the working of the spirit in the human being. Such teachings will also always appear to be truth to people who, through their way of life, bring themselves into a state which also allows the working of the spirit in them .....

But as soon as the latter has become impossible due to the non-fulfilment of the conditions which are a prerequisite for the working of the spirit in the human being, pure truth will be interspersed with error, because then the human being will also allow access to those forces which fight against the truth. But then the human being will likewise believe himself to be in the truth and stand up with conviction for that which is no longer pure truth but error due to the activity of God's adversary. If this person were enlightened by God's spirit he would have to recognise where the adversary's activity begins, and thus he would absolutely have to reject that which is not divine spiritual activity. But he will not be able to replace the working of the spirit with mere intellectual research, which he, however, believes, and this is spiritual arrogance, this is spiritual arrogance, which again prevents the penetration into truth. However, the human being usually places intellectual thinking above the working of the spirit, and thus he will never allow himself to be convinced that the latter alone is the guarantee for pure truth, and he will value the knowledge of those higher who have taken over spiritual knowledge and try to fathom it intellectually themselves. Intellectual thinking can never be equated with the working of the spirit, for it is always human working in contrast to divine working, which understandably has to be assessed quite differently.

But as long as the human being does not recognise the working of the spirit, he cannot be given complete clarification about questions concerning eternity. For such questions can never be answered by the human being, but they can be answered by the spirit from God, which makes itself known to the human being and explains things to him which are completely beyond human knowledge and human understanding. The spirit from God, however, never errs and can never be explained by the working of evil forces, which is why knowledge gained through the working of the spirit indisputably surpasses intellectual knowledge and is the only guarantee of pure truth. ....



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