Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2311 23.4.1942

Word of God ....
Act of God's Mercy ....

It is difficult to explain to people what gift of grace they receive through the mediation of the divine Word, for the Word is the connection between God and people who are still far away from Him ..... The Word is, as it were, God's approach to people who have not yet made an effort to come to Him. The person who receives the divine Word has indeed established this connection, but the Word does not only come to earth for him but through him to all people, even to those who have not yet sought God's nearness of their own accord. This is an act of mercy that is incomprehensible to people.

Of his own free will and impulse the human being should decide for God and strive for union with Him. But his will is very weak and the adversary's activity is strong, and he seeks to win the human being's will for himself. And the human being would be lost if he were not helped by the Word of God. Everything he fails to do of his own accord is made clear to him through the Word. He is urgently admonished to nevertheless let his will become active; the significance of a correctly used will is presented to him and the path he should take on earth is clearly marked out for him in order to finally become free for eternity.

God's infinite love expresses Itself, It descends to earth Itself and gathers Its sheep .... This Word would truly not be necessary if people wanted to shape themselves into love of their own accord, for then they would also take the right path without instruction, they would become knowledgeable and, through their activity of love, also directly receive the strength from God to lead their way of life in spiritual striving. But the will for loving activity is very weak and therefore also the knowledge minimal. And lack of strength is the result, since strength is a grant from God which conditions the human being's will. Only loving activity of one's own accord and acceptance of the divine Word allow strength to flow to him from God.

But in order to be able to fulfil the earthly task in accordance with God's will the human being needs strength from God, and therefore God repeatedly tries to convey this to people through His Word and to stimulate them into loving activity through it. Without these constant admonitions people would be lost, for they are still too exposed to the influence of God's adversary, whose striving is to completely distance them from God. And thus two powers wrestle against each other and try to win the souls for themselves. But the human being's will is free and can decide in favour of any power, and they would inevitably fall prey to God's adversary if God did not come to their aid through His Word, which He repeatedly conveys to earth with love and immense compassion .....



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