Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2342 21.5.1942

Jesus' suffering and death on the cross ....
Avenging sacrifice ....

Jesus' suffering and death on the cross was the greatest sacrifice of love ever offered by a human being on earth. It was not an atoning sacrifice of a guilty person, it was not a deserved punishment, but a sacrifice made for the sins of other people out of deepest love for them ..... It was a voluntary sacrifice of atonement that was meant to ransom fellow human beings from their well-deserved punishment .... The death on the cross was unspeakably painful and yet Jesus chose it because His body wanted to suffer out of immense love for humanity. He wanted to do something that people were not capable of, He wanted to take agony upon Himself in order to spare His fellow human beings.

He knew that people's fate after death is suffering and torment as a just punishment for their apostasy from God, i.e. their will which is opposed to God, and in His love He wanted to reduce this suffering and torment by imposing it on Himself, thus He voluntarily bore suffering so that they would not have to bear it. And thus He chose the most agonising death .... the death on the cross and offered these unspeakable torments to His Father in heaven. He brought Him the sacrifice of atonement by suffering and dying for sinful humanity .....

And this sacrifice was pleasing to God. For Jesus was pure and blameless, He was without sin .... There was not the slightest guilt on Him, but He chose the death which atoned for the most serious crimes, which was unspeakably agonising and dishonouring .... He let His pure body be crucified by people who, in their state distant from God, were followers of Satan, and as a result His soul also suffered unimaginable torment in addition to the body. For His pure soul felt every sinfulness as torment; the soul, which had become love, suffered from the lack of love .... and yet it took these torments upon itself in order to make people's fate more bearable. The sacrifice was made to God in merciful love and God accepted it with pleasure ....

The human being Jesus had to completely renounce His love for the world before He could make this sacrifice, He had to free Himself from every desire, He had to be willing to give everything of His own free will, only then was He able to make this sacrificial death ..... His love was so great that it only applied to His fellow human beings and not to His own body. And because this greater than great love moved Him to make such a sacrifice, God accepted it .... And thus Jesus redeemed humanity from eternal death through His suffering and death on the cross, which surpassed every other death in pain and agony, because His love was so great that He was willing to endure everything for the sake of humanity, which without His act of Salvation, without this sacrifice on the cross, would have to suffer for eternities if it wanted to atone for its inconceivably great guilt of sin itself. ....



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