Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2343 23.5.1942

Activity of the beings of light ....
Transmitting knowledge ....

In the world full of light the loving activity is an everlasting one, for the beings of light tackle any spiritual work which promises them the least success. They are constantly ready to help, for in their love they always want to give, to make happy and to stimulate to happy activity. And since their love does not diminish but deepens more and more, their activity must also increase. And their activity consists of spreading light, i.e. knowledge. .... Consequently, knowledge has to be constantly conveyed to earth through the world of light, which has the effect that people everywhere are taught the truth by receptive and willing earthly children, that it is offered to them from above, thus without earthly aid or contact with earthly-knowing people.

And what the beings of light impart to people goes far beyond the scope of book knowledge, for this wisdom touches on problems which a human being could never solve correctly, and the givers of this wisdom, precisely the beings of light, communicate their gifts to people such that they can completely penetrate the truth from God if the will in them becomes active. And the beings of light try to influence this will in such a way that people only want that which earns them divine wisdom. And since the beings of light are continuously active the body will soon feel this insofar as it no longer desires earthly possessions but the spiritual possessions it has gained appear so desirable to it that its willingness and ability to receive will become ever greater and consequently ever deeper divine wisdom can be conveyed to earth.

People who strive to live according to God's will will also be mentally guided into the full truth, and if the battle now breaks out against spiritual striving and against faith, many people will defend their faith in accordance with the truths they have received, for the beings of light will proclaim the same truth everywhere. Consequently, it will spread amongst humanity .... people will think the same and thus spread the same, for they will not want to inform their fellow human beings of anything other than what is conveyed to earth in direct instructions from the beyond .... humanity, if it is willing, will be guided into right thinking by those beings of light who, with profound love, accept those who are willing to receive the truth.



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