Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2411 16.7.1942

Everlastingness of the Doctrine of Christ ....
Divine Doctrine of Love ....

The core of Christ's teaching is the divine doctrine of love .... The spiritual was bound because it had distanced itself from eternal love and thus had become unloving. It walked its earthly path according to divine will, i.e. it served, albeit in a state of compulsion. For service is a result of love as soon as it happens voluntarily .... Hence the spiritual being, which wanted to approach God again, also had to be given the opportunity to voluntarily be of service, i.e. to develop love, which is now possible in the human stage.

This serving in love must be carried out without any coercion, which is why the being also lacks the knowledge of the bound state before, in order not to be influenced by this knowledge. But in the stage as a human being he nevertheless has to receive knowledge about his task in a way which leaves his will of faith free. Therefore this knowledge can only be supplied to him in the form of teachings which he can now accept or also reject, depending on his will, which therefore cannot be proven but only have to be believed.

The most important thing he has to recognise is love, its effect and its blessings, so that he can practise it himself and feel the effects in himself. His further spiritual development is solely dependent on love, and therefore the knowledge of it has to be made accessible to people, they have to be taught love, which Jesus Christ did by preaching love to them in word and deed and by exemplifying the life of love. Only love can redeem the being from bondage, and this cannot be sufficiently held up to people, they cannot be sufficiently admonished to live a life of love, and therefore Jesus Christ instructed His disciples to go into the world and to bring the teaching of love to the nations .....

They were to show people the right path, the path of love, which everyone has to take if their earthly life is to bring them spiritual success, the goal of all spiritual activity is .... complete liberation from the form. The teaching which preaches love is of divine origin, it is the teaching which Jesus Christ Himself proclaimed to people on earth, which God therefore conveyed to His living creations through Jesus Christ. And this teaching can never ever be eradicated, only the observance of Christ's teaching is disregarded by people, and therefore they also have no objection that the teaching of love should be completely eradicated because its requirements and commandments are inconvenient and hinder earthly desire.

The divine teaching of love preaches detachment from matter, the human being should willingly hand over his possessions to his neighbour, thus he should overcome his own desire and divest himself in favour of his neighbour. This requires true love for the neighbour, and the human being should educate himself to this love. .... Humanity, however, strives to increase earthly goods and, to a certain extent, acts against the law of love by wanting to take earthly goods from the neighbour and appropriate them for itself. This is legally permissible, i.e. the human being does not always commit injustice when he increases his possessions, however, the feeling of love in him is thereby killed, ego love, on the other hand, is strengthened and thus spiritual higher development is made impossible.

Love for other people, however, would reduce the striving for earthly possessions, and since humanity sees increased possessions and physical well-being as the only things worth striving for and this alone signifies progress for it, it wants to suppress the divine teaching of love. It does not want people to be inhibited in their worldly striving, it sees in this divine teaching of love a restriction of earthly vitality and now fights with all means against the alleged reduction of vitality, which for it means the divine teaching of love. And thus humanity is in immense spiritual danger .... of withdrawing ever more from the life of love and falling into increasingly harder spiritual fetters from which it can no longer release itself, for only love is a solvent .... where this is suppressed it is entirely impossible to become free.

The world will fight against the divine teaching of love and cause the greatest spiritual damage amongst those who belong to the world, but it will never ever displace Christ's teaching, for everything that is man's work will perish, but the divine teaching of love .... The Word of God, which Christ Himself conveyed to earth and let His disciples carry it out to all nations .... will remain, for it came from God, was taught and lived on earth through God in Jesus Christ and will always be conveyed to earth again by God in all purity .... And that which is from God is everlasting, thus the divine teaching of love will not be able to pass away until eternity ....



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