Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2427 30.7.1942

Granting grace through the Word of God received directly. ....

The fullness of grace that man can draw from the directly received Word of God he will only be able to measure in the time to come. Without this Word he will be helpless and in despair, yet as soon as he allows the divine Word to take effect on him all discouragement and lack of strength will leave him. For now he will feel God's nearness, he will sense God Himself in His Word and all earthly concerns and worries will disappear. And the Word of God will be able to replace everything the human being lacks, it will strengthen him physically and spiritually, for divine love reveals itself in the Word and speaks to those who need His encouragement.

And people will often feel urged to read the Word of God, they will hunger for the light of life and their desire can only be satisfied through the Word. And thus the divine Word must be made accessible to all who desire it, for God Himself wants to speak to all of them. And those who recognise His voice also stand in love, for it is the spirit in them which feels drawn towards the Father-Spirit, and this spirit is again only brought to awakening through love.

And thus God wants to be with those in the Word who, through loving activity towards their neighbour, also make themselves worthy of His love; God Himself descends to them and hands them the potion of life which gives them strength again to continue their earthly path with benefit for the soul. For people will need strength to remain faithful to God, they will use His promise and in great adversity always remember Him Who can alleviate all hardship on earth through His will. And this is said to you beforehand that you will experience great hardship for the sake of your faith, you will have to stand up for God in front of the whole world if you also want to gain His love .... For God constantly wants to give to you, but you must also receive what He wants to offer you and, full of gratitude, remember Him Who, in view of the coming adversity, prepares the gifts for you which shall help you to endure this adversity ....



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