Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2428 31.7.1942

Right faith can do much ....

The right faith is capable of much. All thoughts must be directed towards the fact that divine love will not leave anything unfulfilled that a believing person asks for, because God is omnipotent, and if a person has made this strong faith his own he will completely surrender to divine will, and now his will will no longer deviate from God's will ..... And God can now accomplish everything through this human being. The human being will now also want nothing other than what God wants, and thus his strength is now also divine, i.e. he is permeated by God's will and thus also by His strength at the same time, and everything is possible for him. Right faith knows no misgivings, it acts as its heart tells it to. And consequently he cannot want and carry out something which contradicts God's will, because his spirit within him would never ever tell him to do what is contrary to divine will.

The human being is in no way compelled to act and think, for if he is unbelieving his thoughts move into completely different spheres and he will never think of God and thus also not want to accomplish things which go beyond natural strength. But if he believes, his thoughts will be given to him and then they will also correspond to God's will. And thus the divine will itself impels the human being to carry out what enters his thoughts.

But God needs people with such strong faith so that He can work through them. They should surrender themselves to God's emanation of strength without hesitation and willingly allow themselves to be used as His instruments, they should sacrifice their thoughts and senses to Him and leave it to their innermost thoughts what they demand of Him. For this is God's voice which tells a person who is willing to believe and serve Him to do what is intended to bring spiritual salvation to his fellow human beings. And the believing human being will fulfil God's will without hesitation because he feels it to be divine. And thus he will be able to accomplish things which are beyond the realm of possibility, for he is not the executor but God Himself through him ....



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