Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2435 3.8.1942

Formulation of the thought ....

Every thought is formulated by the will of man, so in a certain respect man is certainly responsible for the nature of his thoughts, but he is not to be regarded as the originator of the thought. The thought is first transmitted to him, not that it arises through him himself. It is only that man first gives the thoughts that come to him the expression that usually corresponds to his nature. And therefore he believes himself to be the originator of the thought.

It is true that he also determines which thought material can be imparted to him, because this is decided by his will, because the will can just as well refuse to guide the thought material coming to it to the brain and therefore to let it come to man's consciousness. But if the will has decided to accept the thought material intellectually, it now also gives it the form, i.e., the influx of strength from the spiritual kingdom becomes what the human being understands by thought. For thought is spiritual power that is expressed in coherent sentences.

That is why we also speak of our own thinking, because the human being himself forms the sentences, because he first formulates what is spiritually conveyed to him in such a way that it becomes comprehensible to his fellow human beings. And this formulation of thought corresponds to his nature; it will always be as the human being himself considers it generally comprehensible, because he would like to pass on what he has received and seeks the most suitable form for this. Thus it can certainly be said in general that the human being thinks for himself because he will only express that which is comprehensible to his nature, but he does not realise that every thought flows from an originator as strength, that he himself only forms these thoughts as it suits him .....

This formulation is again an activity of the brain, i.e. making use of the vitality that is given to every human being. For this ability is given to him by God, completely independent of the creative power, thus on his own authority, to appropriate a spiritual treasure by being guided from the heart to the brain and to evaluate it intellectually, thus to shape the thought material he receives through his will in such a way that it, so to speak, takes on a personal character .... and is now regarded as his own product ....



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