Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2449 14.8.1942

Disasters in nature and their spiritual explanation ....

The earth is in perpetual rotation around itself and never remains motionless. This is also the explanation for the development of the earth from the originally liquid mass to the solid body of the earth, which has now become the abode of living beings of all kinds. The core of the earth, however, is still liquid and until it has solidified, it is unsuitable as a residence for any living being. If this liquid mass breaks its way to the surface through eruptions, this is tantamount to the complete destruction of all living beings on this surface, and such eruptions are therefore feared by men and animals because it brings their complete destruction. Divine wisdom therefore only allows them in cases of extreme necessity, i.e. every eruption must first be preceded by God's will before it can take place, and this is based on His love and wisdom .....

The forces within the earth must be constantly active, for this activity signifies the possibility of life for the earth, i.e. for all beings on the earth's surface, because as soon as the earth is completely frozen all vegetation ceases. This inner activity of the spiritual forces is therefore already a certain service for the redemption of the spiritual, and therefore these forces must also once be given the possibility to start their course of development on earth, although inconceivable times must pass before this spiritual can start the change of form on earth. Every natural disaster can therefore be an end of its earthly career for the most highly developed spiritual being, the human being, but at the same time it is the beginning of an earthly period of an incomprehensibly long time again for the completely immature spiritual being and therefore to be regarded as God-willed.

All creation only serves the purpose of developing the spiritual upwards .... If a higher development of the soul is no longer striven for on the human side, if the purpose and goal of earthly life is disregarded, then God ends this life and at the same time gives the spiritual, which is at the beginning of its development, the possibility of a continuous development ..... He destroys, as it were, to prevent the spiritual from developing further. He destroys, as it were, in order to let new creations arise through the work of destruction, which again contain the spiritual within themselves, which was granted the grace of earthly life. For nothing happens without meaning and purpose where God's love and wisdom prevails ....



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