Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2455 23.8.1942

Fear from the Underworld and Battle ....

Whatever develops upwards is also exposed to special challenges from the underworld, for the battle of darkness against everything that is full of light and strives towards the light is waged with perseverance and requires tenacious resistance. And that is why the human being should regard every spiritual battle as proof that he, too, belongs to those striving upwards and that these battles only test his will and also make him stronger. No struggling person will remain without help, and his soul will be protected by beings of light who well see this struggle and are always ready to help, because they know about the human being's weakness but also about their will to master the weakness.

They, too, demand their tribute for their help, yet they want to give more than they receive from the human being .... they only demand attention in order to impart delightful knowledge to them. And again, this knowledge contributes to being able to defend oneself against the forces of the underworld, i.e. to emerge victorious in the battle against evil forces. For to a knowing man the weapons of the evil powers are ineffective, for he recognises their cunning and can act victoriously against them.

A certain danger only exists as long as indifference takes hold of the human being and he neglects to fight against it, and this state is therefore dangerous because God's adversary is immediately ready to seize the human being's indifferent will, and then the battle becomes an ever more difficult one which the human being has to wage. For this is the human being's strength that he immediately surrenders himself to God and appeals to Him for protection and will also take this path due to his received knowledge.

This is why God's adversary only has little chance of winning over a soul striving towards God, even if the temptations approach it in the form of mental attacks which always occur when the human being believes himself to be strong enough and makes less use of God's help. God always wants to be consulted, He always wants to assist the human being as a guide in all situations of life, but He also always wants to be called upon, and if the human being neglects this God seemingly withdraws from him and lets him get into trouble in order to thereby chain him to Himself again, in order to be called upon again from the innermost heart, so that through this call the forces of the underworld will be displaced and the ascent upwards can now take place without effort. For God wants to make it easy for people, yet the weakness of their will makes the path upwards more difficult for them ....



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