Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2500 7.u.8.10.1942

Announcement of the disaster ....

You truly need My help, for you no longer recognise Me. You look for Me in the distance and do not know that I Am so close to you and accompany you on all paths. But I cannot speak to each one of you because you pay no attention to My voice. And thus you go astray, for I can only guide you if you entrust yourselves to Me and request My guidance. I Am indeed always with you and wait for your call of supplication so that I can seize you; yet how rarely do you need Me and how distant are you from Me as a result. Your plight is truly indescribable, for even if you speak My name your heart is not with you, and I don't pay attention to words alone. ....

And thus a great change is taking place on earth and you shall all be witnesses of My might and greatness. What I have proclaimed in Word and Scripture will come to pass, for the hour has come even though humanity is not yet prepared. For My mercy turns towards those whose will is good and who are too weak to decide. I want to come to their aid, even if they don't want to recognise help at first, if they see a work of destruction which is beyond their imagination. I know their hearts and therefore I stand by them in the greatest adversity .... I will reveal Myself to them and thus they will recognise Me and thank Me that I have taken care of them in this adversity.

My love truly does not want you to suffer, yet you pay no attention to My gentle voice and admonitions, and if I don't want to let you go completely astray I have to meet you with severity and pull you back from the abyss you are heading towards. And therefore pay attention to what is coming, remain in prayer so that I can stay with you at all times, and always take refuge in Me if you are in danger of succumbing. For My will is able to avert the most difficult things from you who fight for Me, My love guides and directs everything, and even though it may seem to you as if I have completely abandoned you .... This, too, is merely a sign of My love so that you will call upon Me in times of need and I can give you what you desire. For you are My living creations and therefore I love you and want to save you from your adversity. And anyone who wants to serve Me shall be blessed by Me ....

Go within yourselves and seek to purify your heart, fight against unkindness, against irascibility and become full of kindness and gentleness. Consider that you repel Me through your way of life if you completely contradict My commandments .... consider that you are unable to hear My voice and that you distance yourselves ever further from Me .... consider that your spirit cannot come alive if you lack love, that you destroy all contact with good spiritual forces and hand yourselves over to the forces of opposing power, that I cannot work in you, that you cannot receive the emanation of My love and live a poor earthly life.

I don't want to leave you in this adversity and therefore I have to treat you harshly if you don't listen to My gentle coaxing. I have to let a hardship come upon you which is so great that only one way remains for you to flee to Me and request salvation from Me if you don't want to get lost for eternity. My hand must be hard because a gentle hand is not able to restrain you. And blessed is he who still recognises the Father's hand in heaven at the right time in this adversity, blessed is he who finds his way back to Him, who, as His child, asks for help from the Father. .... The Father's love accepts everyone and turns suffering into a blessing.

And I bless those who serve Me in this adversity, who stand by Me even in suffering and try to help their fellow brothers and sisters spiritually and physically .... I bless all those who let Me work through them, who contribute to My will being revealed, who persevere in their faith in Me when everything around them threatens to falter. I will support them in adversity, I will strengthen them and not let their confidence go to waste, I will pour out My spirit upon them so that they proclaim God's nearness and His love and mercy .....

And anyone who believes their words will noticeably become aware of My strength and the adversity of the time will be bearable for him. But it has to come .... People bring it on themselves through their way of life, through their unkindness and unbelief .... And therefore know, you My believers, that the day is drawing ever closer which will show people the power and greatness of their Creator, but also know that He will protect everyone who trusts Him and who desires to be His child .... For My love takes hold of all of you who love Me and strive to fulfil My will ....



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