Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2503 10.10.1942

Form of divine revelations different ....
Justification ....

The form in which the divine Word is conveyed to people depends on the receptivity of the recipient as well as on the purpose associated with the directly received Word of God. The transmission of the divine Word requires the willingness to fulfil a task on earth, and depending on this task the form in which the Word of God is offered to people will also depend. And there is a reason for this. God knows both the time of development as well as the spreading of His Word, He also knows into which hands the Scriptures will come and thus also the spiritual state of those to whom the divine Word is meant to be refreshment and comfort ....

And thus the gifts from above are offered in such a way that they can be understood by anyone to whom they are made accessible. If God's Word is easy to understand people will not resist accepting it as God's Word, and since the purpose of the spiritual proclamations is to be offered to all people on earth, a form has to be chosen which every person can understand if he has the right will to do so.

However, the form of the messages will always be criticised by those who do not want to accept them as divine revelations and try everything to make them look untrustworthy because of their form. However, these people would still reject the form even if they were completely satisfied with it because their way of life does not allow them to recognise the divine Word, the direct revelations. The person who lives according to God's will, on the other hand, feels the power of the divine Word, and for him there is no doubt that God Himself speaks to people through a mediator.

The state of maturity of the recipient also determines the form of the gift which is conveyed to people as a gift of grace. And thus a person who has already completely become love will also reproduce the divine Word in the most perfect form, but the Word, even in its simplest form, is not inferior to it in terms of inner value, on the contrary, it is much easier to understand for people to whom the Word is to be conveyed. Divine gift is always impeccable, irrespective of the form in which it is presented, but it is always taken into account of humanity's circumstances and capacity, so that all people, irrespective of their earthly knowledge, can feast on it, which will be particularly necessary in the coming time .....



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