Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2527 29.10.1942

Walking again through creation ....
Renewed Banishing in the form ....

Countless souls have to travel the path of development on earth once again, and this is the worst that still awaits these souls, since they have already lived a life in a certain freedom and are now bound again in the solid form. The latter is so agonising that the eternal Deity takes pity on them and uses all means to spare these souls the renewed earthly progress. Yet God must leave one thing to people .... free will ....

And therefore He cannot forcibly guide the souls to ascend, instead, the higher development is left to the human being's will, and this will usually turns away from the spiritual goal, which is expressed in his purely worldly life, a life which is completely lived without God. Such a life cannot result in higher development for the soul, and if it ends earthly life with an unchanged low degree of maturity then the higher development in the beyond will also be called into question. There is a danger that the soul will develop retrogressively and thus distance itself ever further from God, i.e. the spiritual substance will harden and, for the purpose of its further development, be banished again into the most solid form in order to cover the path on earth once again until the stage as a human being where free will is given to it again.

It must be left up to the human being how he chooses to develop his soul ...., but the consequences in earthly as well as in the beyond life are correspondingly. Having to walk through creation again is so dreadful that God tries to guide people into knowledge in a different way and at the same time turn their will towards Himself, so that the soul will already have the desire for Him upon entering the beyond, for this desire is necessary in order to be accepted by God. And therefore God lets something come over the world which lets people seek refuge with the heavenly Father, so that they will have a desire for Him and can now be provided for in accordance with this desire.

And yet, even this disaster will only bring a small part of people to awaken. Only a small part will seriously utilise the rest of their lives. And thus countless souls will have to cover the path through creation again when people no longer remember their soul and thus cover the long earthly path in vain, so that they now stand on the same level of development as before at the beginning of their embodiment as a human being ....



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