Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2532 1.11.1942

Mind and body seek to win the soul ....

Spirit and body have one thing in common, that they want to possess the soul, that they seek to shape it, but in different ways. The body seeks to shape the soul according to the world, because the world itself seems to it to be the only thing worth striving for and thus it seeks to transfer its desire to the soul. The spirit, on the other hand, has another desirable goal; it wants to occupy the spiritual kingdom and seeks to shape the soul in accordance with this kingdom; thus it seeks to shape it in a different way .... according to divine will. Thus the divine will opposes the body's desire .....

The body strives for matter, the spirit, on the other hand, is completely removed from matter .... Its desire and striving is only for alignment with the eternal Deity, it only knows one desire, union with God and the eternally enlightened state. Therefore he tries to determine the soul to join his desire, he tries to induce it to the same will, he pulls the soul over to himself, so to speak, and thus detaches it from the world, which for the body means giving up its desires, thus overcoming matter, the world, which is the opposite of the spiritual world.

If the spirit succeeds in winning the soul for the spiritual kingdom, then the soul has passed its test of earthly life, for this means a turning of the will towards God and a turning away from the one who is master of the world. The body still belongs to this world but if it joins the soul's desire, thus willingly gives in, if it wants to unite with the spirit, the spiritual substances of which the body consists are also ripe for the next deformation, and they cover the course of development in form considerably faster because they have given up their resistance. The spirit in man has overcome the body, and the latter has declared itself defeated ....

The body has left the soul to the spirit, thus the spirit has completely taken possession of the soul, the soul has united with the spirit. And now all thinking, feeling and willing is only determined by the spirit, and it must therefore be right, for the spirit is part of God and will always determine the soul to do and think what corresponds to God's will. And this is the state the soul should strive for .... in union with the spirit towards God and strive for unity with Him in order to seek and find eternal beatitude in the vision of God ....



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