Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2531 31.10.1942

Spiritual Questioning ....
Answer ....
Souls in the afterlife ....

Every spiritual question is answered by the knowing powers, for this answer contributes to the increase of knowledge. And therefore the human being should entrust everything that is unclear to him to the knowing forces so that they can now mentally enlighten him. Both the question and the answer are heard in the beyond, and the souls in the beyond are likewise eager and expect the answer in order to enrich their knowledge. The form in which the answer reaches the questioner depends on the ability to hear spiritual messages. Everyone could hear the answer through the inner voice, but rarely is attention paid to this voice.

But where the question is consciously asked and the answer is also consciously received, knowledge can be increased without limit, and the souls in the beyond also make use of such an opportunity by asking questions themselves, the answer to which is conveyed to a receptive person by the knowing beings in the beyond, who writes it down so that such an answer can also be conveyed to fellow human beings. The more inquisitive a person is, the richer he will be considered, and information will never be given to him alone but countless souls will, as it were, draw with the human being from the well of knowledge.

The more consciously a person asks questions or gives himself over to questioning thoughts, the clearer the answer will be to him, for through this questioning he proves his desire for truthful knowledge, and this desire will always be satisfied. The questioning human being will always be considered, for God wants to distribute the truth, He wants people to become knowledgeable, and He will consider every knowledge-hungry person according to his desire. The souls in the beyond likewise eagerly accept the knowledge and this signifies spiritual progress for them, which is why they participate in every question and listen to every instruction or answer with keen eagerness and utilise it according to their state of maturity. For they feel the increased knowledge as a state of happiness and as a constant impetus for their activity in the beyond ....



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