Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2530 31.10.1942

Deep divine wisdom ....
Rays of eternal Light ....

Anyone who is able to penetrate the deepest depths of divine wisdom need no longer fear that his soul will be lost, for he is seized by God's love which irrevocably draws him to Himself. And if the human being is granted trials on earth, his soul will only turn even more inward and enter into union with the spirit which inexorably pushes upwards. And ever greater knowledge is his share, for the spirit from God knows no limits and the human being constantly draws from the source which offers him divine wisdom.

This is God's great love that He allows the human being to participate in His light while he is still alive on earth, that He lets the rays of His eternal light fall into the human being's heart so that it will become bright in him. And light is knowledge, light is divine wisdom which can never be surpassed and yet remains eternally the same .... The truth from God .... Once the light has cast its rays into a person's heart, he will no longer know darkness, for his knowledge cannot be taken away from him; it is like the dawning day which only ever increases in brightness. The walls that barred the light from entering have been torn down, and now the stream of divine love inexorably floods into the human being, who thus increases in wisdom and thus also in strength.

The body does not always feel the strength, yet the soul constantly pushes the strength upwards, and every day brings it progress .... it strives towards the eternal light, it matures under the influence of this light, and it need no longer fear a decline, for its desire is eternally only for unification with the original light .... with God .... And where knowledge is, there will also be love, for wisdom cannot be thought of without love. Knowledge impels the human being into loving activity, and this increases his knowledge again.

And God as the eternal Love draws the soul to Himself which lives in love and crowns it with His gift of grace ..... He lets it look into the spiritual kingdom during its earthly life. And He increases their knowledge of what is beyond earth .... He lets them participate in the eternal glory, He lets them gain insight into the kingdom of peace. And the soul will keep its knowledge as long as it still lives on earth, and it will use it for the service of its fellow human beings and also try to transfer the knowledge to them. For only when the human being is knowledgeable is he in the kingdom of light. And it is God's will that light should shine in humanity, that it should strive for brightness in its heart, that it should long for light .... for divine wisdom ....



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