Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2547 13.11.1942

Preparing God's servants to work for Him ....

The will of the Father in heaven is that His servants completely abandon themselves to Him, that they allow themselves to be guided without inner resistance, that they carry out everything they feel urged to do and that they commend themselves to Him and His grace at every hour. The spirit in them will guide them and they can always be assured of divine protection. For the hour of activity is coming for His servants, and this hour shall find them prepared. Only he who unites with God daily and hourly in heartfelt prayer will have the strength to stand up for Him if this has become necessary before the world. He will also recognise God in the raging of the elements, and his faith will become strong when he hears this voice of God.

There is only a short time left and you who want to serve God should make use of it. You should work on yourselves and not miss any opportunity to do a work of love. For this will make you stronger, because the strength of divine love will then flow towards you and clearest thoughts will tell you to act as God wants. The deeper you stand in love, the less doubtful you will be about what you should or should not do. Let everything approach you and always trust in your heavenly Father Who directs your every step as soon as you entrust yourselves to His guidance. The coming time needs strong representatives of His Word, and these must themselves stand deep in faith in order to be able to courageously and undauntedly devote themselves to the service for God.

But as soon as the hour has come you will also noticeably become aware of God's strength, for you will act and speak without inhibition and also not fear earthly force. For the spirit within you impels you to do so, and you pay more attention to His voice than to the voices of the world. It is a great task which you shall fulfil and the fulfilment of which is nevertheless unspeakably necessary for the salvation of fellow human beings' souls, for if the divine Word is not brought to them through human mouths they will face spiritual ruin, for they will no longer seek the Word where it was offered to them until now. The Word shall be proclaimed to them elsewhere, they shall hear it from the mouth of a human being who has received it directly from God, and this Word shall appear more acceptable to them as soon as only the will is in them to listen to it.

And for this purpose God needs His representatives on earth to convey His Word to people after the great upheaval which humanity will shortly experience. For everything corresponds to God's wise plan and everything happens as it has been determined since eternity. And thus the bearers of His Word will also have to be ready to eagerly fulfil the task given to them; they themselves will need great strength which, however, will also be at their disposal if they are willing to serve the Lord. For God Himself wants to speak to them through a human being and guide them back onto the right path which leads to Him, towards the eternal home ....



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