Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2548 13.11.1942

Waiver of earthly goods ....
Compensation spiritual good ....

Renouncing the world requires willpower, thus support from the divine side, if the human will itself is too weak, i.e. the world is still tempting for him. It is a grace acquired through suffering and renunciation when the human being can easily detach himself from the world and its goods, i.e. from matter. But this grace must be striven for, i.e., the human being must want to remain untouched by the attractions of this world. This can happen consciously; but this will is also present when the human being abstains from all desire, when he humbly submits to the renunciations destined for him. Time and again the temptations will approach him, and then the conscious will has to set in to abstain from earthly pleasures, then his willpower will become ever stronger and he will have become the conqueror of matter.

To the same extent as he renounces the world he matures his soul, for he will always try to compensate for the lack of earthly pleasures with spiritual goods ..... He will, if he has not yet consciously striven for spiritual good, become thoughtful about the world, about the earth, its purpose and the purpose of his earthly life. And he will easily penetrate spiritual territory because no earthly fetters will keep him from flying upwards into the spiritual kingdom. And what is now offered to him will outweigh the earthly joy many times over .... What he previously gave up with renunciation is now no longer attractive to him and his desire is only for spiritual goods, the possession of which makes him unspeakably happy and allows him to dwell in completely different spheres, even though he is still on earth.

But both goods can never be received by the human being at the same time. Earth and the spiritual kingdom are two separate worlds which can only make the human being happy by renouncing one of them. The spiritual world demands complete renunciation of what is desirable on earth in order to then provide the human being with goods which are incomparably more valuable than earthly goods. As long as the human being is still tempted by things of the earthly world he is not yet receptive for what is offered to him from the spiritual kingdom. Therefore he first has to detach himself, i.e. free himself, from earthly desires .... he has to be still in God, no longer demand anything from his earthly life, he has to trustingly hand himself over to God and receive from His hand what God wants to offer him .....

Then he will be able to receive spiritual possessions according to the strength of his desire. For as soon as the human being is willing to give earthly possessions he is free from selfish love, it has changed into unselfish neighbourly love, he is willing to give because he no longer demands anything for himself. Thus the renunciation of the world's goods will always result in an activity of love, for as soon as he receives a spiritual gift it urges him to pass on spiritual as well as earthly goods, because he now stands in God's activity of love and cannot help but likewise work in love. And therefore the human being must constantly fight against the temptations of the world, i.e. he must try to overcome its charms because only then will he be able to establish the bond with the spiritual world, which will provide him with goods which will also last in eternity ....



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