Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2752 24.5.1943

Father's Words of Love ....

Only remain devoted to Me in love, then you have nothing to fear, whatever may come. And do not forget that I direct your destiny, that everything is good as it comes upon you. Do not forget that My love shapes your life in a way that is good for your higher development. Believe in My love, then you will also learn to understand everything, you will bear the most difficult things with patience, and you will confidently expect My help if life seems unbearable to you.

After all, My love and My will only apply to your perfection, and My wisdom recognises the ways and means for you; and therefore trust Me that I Am only concerned about your spiritual well-being and will not send anything upon you which would not be beneficial for it. Become like children, let yourselves be guided by Me without resistance, always in hope and faith that I will not let you take a wrong path, even if the path is stony and arduous. One day your soul will thank Me that I let you suffer during your earthly life.

What is the short earthly life compared to eternity .... where glories await you of which you, as human beings, have no idea. Why do you despair if you believe in Me? .... I Am Love .... and Love truly does not let you suffer if you did not need this suffering for your soul .... I let you suffer because I love you and want to help you and because you cannot find your way to Me otherwise. Your path is thorny and arduous, yet the broad passable path does not lead to Me but into My adversary's camp, and My love can never allow you to take this path which inevitably leads to ruin.

Trust Me and willingly place yourselves into My hands, take the cross upon yourselves and ask Me to help you carry it; don't become discouraged and despondent but rejoice that through suffering you become aware of My love which you shall recognise in every suffering. Be patient and expect My help, which is certain for you if only you believe ....

And if a weakness befalls you, if you waver in faith, then pray .... Call upon Me to strengthen you, send just one thought upwards, to Me, and commend yourselves to My grace .... And I will truly not leave you disconsolate, I will strengthen you and your soul will be joyful. For it feels My nearness and the strength it receives from a heartfelt prayer to Me. As long as you can commune with Me you will not be lonely and forsaken, for I hear you at all times and constantly look after your soul so that it will mature as long as you still live on earth.

And I help you even if the help is not noticeable to your body .... I help that which is imperishable because this imperishable belongs to Me and thus shall also reach Me. And thus you should always recognise My love and humbly accept everything from My hand, be it joy or suffering .... Your hardship on earth is small compared to the hardship in the beyond, which I want to spare you by treating you harshly on earth. Be faithful and trust Me ....

One day you will realise that only love determined Me to afflict the earth with such great suffering that I let you go through a harsh school in order to win you for My kingdom, in order to help you attain eternal life in bliss in this kingdom. As long as the heaviness of earth still oppresses you, you do not yet fully recognise your Father's love for you, yet I call out to you comfortingly: Do not let go of your love for Me so that My love can take hold of you and compensate you a thousand fold for all earthly sufferings and hardships. .... Take refuge in Me so that I can help you bear the suffering, and do not despair, for your earthly life does not last forever .... I will end it when your hour has come and call your soul to Me ....



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