Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2754 25.u.26.5.1943

Remodelling the Earth ....
New Earth ....
Time Law ....

People of the present time cannot understand how the transformation of the earth will take place. And therefore it also seems impossible to them that people of this earth should enliven the new earth, even if the rapture of the believers is understandable to them. The people of this earth only accept that which is based on the laws of nature. However, the divine will is active in the transformation of the earth's surface in a way that would be incomprehensible to human beings if they could experience it, i.e. observe the process.

It is, so to speak, a transformation that is not bound to time and space, for the will, the power and might of God, is extra-legally effective. It is certainly a progressive development which, however, takes place in a time which would mean a speed for people which would be incomprehensible to them. For space and time only exist for the still imperfect beingness and in particular for the most highly developed, yet imperfect being, for man .....

But if the human being himself no longer exists .... when the raptured are taken from earth as the only living human beings .... the law of time is also invalid, thus God can immediately put His will into action if this corresponds to His wisdom. Thus He can place His thoughts into the world as creations, He can banish the spiritual substance which opposes Him into the creation which is conducive to His further development, and He can let these creations come into being at the moment because His will alone is sufficient for this.

God Himself is the Lawgiver in His infinite creation, and His laws are founded in His unsurpassable wisdom. But the purpose of lawfulness is always the maturing of the spiritual, which is why it has to submit to divine laws as soon as it is to mature. However, once a redemption period has come to an end with the last Judgment, with the final separation of the spiritual striving towards God and the spiritual opposing God, the latter will be bound again in the form, whereas the former can leave the form and only retain the external form for a time through God's wisdom and will for the foundation of a new human race .....

The renewed binding in the form, however, does not require a period of time because it does not take place before the eyes of people who certainly experience the destruction of the old earth but not the transformation of it. But they are deprived of the concept of time, so that they are completely unaware of how long time has passed until they have been returned to the new earth. The memory of the old earth is not taken from them, and therefore they recognise the power and strength of God and His love and praise and praise Him and are devoted to Him in deep gratitude. They grasp the miracles of the new creation through their profound faith, i.e. they know that no thing is impossible with God and therefore accept everything with childlike naturalness, because through love they also have the right relationship of a child to the Father and acknowledge His rule and activity. ....

Their faith is so profound that they have the explanation for everything wonderful in God's omnipotence, wisdom and love, and thus nothing seems impossible to them; they don't doubt, they don't ponder and think about how the work of transformation took place and what time God needed for it, but they regard everything as God's will which has become form, because they have become knowledgeable through their faith and love and also regard the new creation as what it is .... as a cover of the spiritual substance which is still undeveloped and shall reach maturity. And anyone who knows this is no longer surprised, for he finds the explanation for every process in the purpose of creation ....



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