Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2785 24.6.1943

Destruction by human will ....

People will be seized by a general despondency in view of the destruction caused by human will. A time will dawn when no-one will be sure to keep their possessions, and this is also a sign of the end time, that people will be seriously admonished to despise the goods of the world, to only strive for spiritual goods and to prepare themselves for the end which is so close to everyone. It will be an anxious time and people will almost no longer muster the will to shape their lives differently because they will recognise the decrepitude of everything they tackle and life will seem unbearable to them.

Yet in view of the approaching end this state of suffering is necessary for people who can only thereby still come to the realisation that earthly life is not the main purpose of existence. Every creature will feel the struggle in the end time, for it will also have an effect on the animal and plant world, and ever faster deformations will be the result. And also human beings will have to end their earthly career prematurely, partly through the work of destruction which human will brings to pass, partly through divine intervention which likewise claims numerous human lives.

But all these sacrifices shall again help the survivors to realise, the latter shall become aware of how quickly death can end life, so that they think of their souls and of life after death. People must be made aware of death because otherwise they will value earthly life as such too highly and thereby be in danger of forgetting their actual purpose of earthly life. And this now requires extremely painful experiences, for people pass by suffering and misery without feeling unless it is exceptionally great and overwhelming. People cannot yet distinguish right from wrong, they only have their own advantage in mind and approve of everything that brings them such. And they do not think of their neighbour and his need.

And thus the adversary has won God's game by not yet being recognised in his worst deeds, but he finds approval and indulgence. But before man comes to realise that he is controlled by evil forces, before he does not detest their activity, he will not find the right path. And therefore injustice has to be brought so close to him, he has to experience for himself what unkindness brings about, and he has to change himself through his own suffering, he has to turn away from the conduct of humanity which is under the influence of Satan ..... And he will only do this when he recognises the futility of earthly goods which only kindle desires and vices which lead to the greatest crimes. For it is only earthly goods for the sake of which people inflict the greatest suffering on themselves ....

It will not be long before everything is left to decay, and this short time will still have to be a time of unspeakable suffering for humanity because it is far from preparing itself and thus thinks too little of life after death. God, however, uses all means to direct their thoughts towards it, and thus He allows what human will strives for in order to still save people by showing them the transience of earthly possessions and bodily life and thereby wants to guide them into realisation ....



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