Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Living Water ....

Without hesitation, you should accept God's gift and let it work on you, for it is the living water that constantly flows from the divine source, at which you should refresh and strengthen yourselves. For you will truly need this strength in the coming time. God Himself has opened the spring for you in His love, for He knows about your hardship and what you lack. And you truly need not go hungry as long as His Fatherly love is turned towards you as His children. And He will provide you with physical and spiritual food if only you desire the latter and open your hearts if He offers you His gift.

His gift of grace, His Word, the living water, is founded in His Fatherly care, and since it is now offered to people with love it must also kindle love in people and let it flare up into a bright flame, it must awaken life, i.e. stimulate constant activity, it must, like the clearest water, refresh and strengthen those who want to draw from the original source of wisdom and love ..... This source will never run dry, for God's love and wisdom is inexhaustible. Yet anyone whose heart does not long for refreshment and strengthening will not find the source, it will remain hidden from him and he will lose undreamt-of strength. Time and again the human being is informed that divine love has this gift of grace in store for him, time and again he is led close to the source from which living water flows.

But he is never forced to accept what is offered to him as a divine gift of grace. It is his completely free will whether and how he utilises the flow of strength, and he can only be advised by fellow human beings to make himself worthy of divine love and mercy so that he can be abundantly provided for during his earthly life. And because the human being's will has to become active itself, so few people come into possession of the most exquisite gifts, they remain poor where they could become immeasurably rich, they remain powerless where undreamt-of strength is at their disposal, and they remain ignorant where profoundest wisdom would come to them if they desired it.

The lack of will determines their spiritual development, thus their degree of maturity, because it prevents the human being from becoming knowledgeable, for deepest wisdom can only be drawn from the spring from which living water flows. But knowledge is necessary in order to reach the height. Knowledge can indeed be gained through loving activity, but if the human being does not accept strength from God, if he does not fetch it from His divine source of grace, he is not capable of loving activity.

But the strength will come to him if he is willing, that is, if he no longer resists God. Resistance, however, is when His gift of grace is left unnoticed or openly rejected, resistance is when the human being does not open himself, when he closes his heart when the divine Word is brought to him, which imparts strength to a great extent. The human being cannot be forcibly guided into knowledge, thus grace cannot be given to him either if he does not demand it or opposes it.

And the human being will travel the earthly path without strength and his soul will suffer because it is denied refreshment at the source of truth, because it is not given the right food and the right drink, which is the fault of the human being's will. There is no substitute for the supply of grace through the divine Word; there is no fountain from which the same water flows which awakens it to life ..... And therefore there is also no path that leads upwards if it does not pass by the spring of living water ..... And the weary earth-walker should pay attention to the spring, he should rest and strengthen himself for his onward journey, he should gather new strength and supply his soul with what it needs ....

For it is not the body that is important on earth but only the soul, and if it is deprived of strength its earthly path is far more difficult and usually goes astray. But it draws new strength from the source of divine love. It receives wisdom from God Himself, it attains realisation and its state becomes full of light so that it now clearly recognises its earthly path, that it sees the goal before its eyes and can pursue it with hope. And anyone who draws from the source of life is assured of spiritual ascent, for it is God Himself Who draws him and guides him on the right path towards the eternal home ..... And therefore the divine source of grace will never run dry, the delicious gift of grace will always and forever flow from it, which is indispensably necessary in order to attain eternal life ....



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