Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2792 29.6.1943

Freedom curtailment ....
Mind directions ....

In no way is the human being's free will respected if his spiritual striving is prevented, if he is forced into a way of thinking, regardless of whether it corresponds to the truth or not. The free decision must always be left up to him ..... He can certainly seek advice and be given it by other people but it always has to take the form of instructions which he can accept or not, depending on his will, but as soon as a certain amount of coercion is exerted insofar as he is presented with an opinion which he should accept and an open battle is waged against every other school of thought, an attempt is made to eliminate the human being's free will, and this does not correspond to God's will.

But you humans are approaching this time when all freedom will be curtailed and especially spiritual freedom will be completely undermined. This will happen through all kinds of decrees which will make people so indecisive and fearful that they will submit to all orders and even throw their own views overboard because they fear earthly power. People who have become knowledgeable through God's greater than great love must openly stand up for Jesus Christ's teaching, and they must not allow themselves to be put off by any measures or threats but their will must become active and stick to what their heart proclaims to them as truth, and they must also live in accordance with this truth on earth.

But such a life is usually uncomfortable for people and therefore they easily give in, they abandon the old faith and allow themselves to be persuaded of something which is contrary to divine faith. This is a test which the human being can pass if he always consults God and commends himself to Him and His grace. But he must never sacrifice his free will. What once appears to him as truth he must hold on to and advocate with conviction; but those people who give up their own conviction without a fight are weak and unresisting and don't deserve the love with which God looks after every individual, for they betray Him for the sake of earthly success and their will takes a wrong path .....



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