Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2793 30.6.1943

Right insight and knowledge - peace and happiness ....

It is right knowledge and pure truth which makes the human being happy and gives him inner peace. As long as he still lives in ignorance he is neither balanced nor completely satisfied, for he lacks the knowledge of the connection between the Creator, the creatures and events, he knows nothing about the cause and effect of all events and therefore does not understand the meaning and purpose and the necessity of all things and all events around him. .... Through correct knowledge, through pure truth, he becomes enlightened, he sees .... and now what was dark becomes clear, it becomes understandable to him, and knowledge makes him happy.

For he begins to understand even the heaviness and suffering of earthly life; he knows that it is necessary and therefore it no longer appears so painful to him; he knows the blessing of it, its effect, as soon as he also recognises the cause and regards all experience as a means which brings him closer to the final goal. As soon as the human being is knowledgeable, there are no unanswered questions for him, there is no fear, no discouragement, no timidity and no doubts .... His life becomes easy through unconditional trust in God, through deep, unshakeable faith. Everything oppressive falls away from him because he knows that everything is founded in God's love and therefore must be good and lead to the goal. And he will never ask fate the desperate question: why? ....

He knows that God is love and that he himself is the creature which emerged from His love. And thus he also knows that the final fusion with eternal love is his final goal and that everything on earth is only a means to an end. He also knows the human being's resistance to eternal love and which means of education are needed to break this resistance .... And thus the knowing human being must carry peace within himself, for if he recognises God's loving and guiding hand in everything, an inner peace will be his, for he now fully entrusts himself to his Creator ....

As long as the human being has not yet penetrated this knowledge he cannot yet comprehend God's loving guidance; therefore he also looks at earthly events with different eyes. They burden and depress him and rob him of his inner peace. But the right knowledge sets you free .... Right knowledge enables the human being to seek unity with God and to find it, for if he knows God's love and recognises himself as a product of this love, he constantly strives towards his Creator and Sustainer and seeks to unite with Him.

Yet only the right realisation .... the knowledge of the pure truth .... brings about this union with God, whereas the ignorant human being only ever calls incoherent thought material his own, he cannot provide sufficient enlightenment and is therefore not inwardly satisfied by what he considers to be truth. Consequently, his thoughts will not make him happy either, instead, they will often give him cause for questions and doubts which he cannot answer or fight himself unless he turns to the Giver of truth, unless he appeals to God Himself for spiritual enlightenment ....



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