Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2794 1.7.1943

Desire for truth guarantees pure truth and right thinking ....

Anyone who forcibly tries to free himself from erroneous opinions, i.e. who, in his desire for truth, is willing to give up his previous thoughts if they contradict the pure truth, will also clearly recognise what is error and what is truth. Then the human being no longer needs to fear that he will again fall into erroneous thinking, nor does he need to doubt what is offered to him as truth, for his desire for the pure truth makes him both able to receive it and to recognise it as truth.

The truth-desiring human being also strives towards God at the same time, and he also fulfils the condition God has set for receiving the truth .... he lives in love .... The desire for pure truth does not arise from his intellectual thinking but is born in his heart precisely as a result of his activity of love. A person who lives without love will never desire pure truth, on the contrary, he shuns it, just as he generally avoids every opportunity which could convey it to him. He is rather uncomfortable with the thought of receiving enlightenment about everything, which is why he prefers ignorance to the state of knowledge.

To bring brightness of spirit to such a person is only possible if he himself strives for it. In contrast, the willing person who strives for God and truth has penetrated the truth in no time and is also firmly convinced to stand in the truth. And this is the characteristic of those who stand in the truth, that they no longer brood and doubt but are of firm faith, that they are on the right track ..... That they do not allow themselves to be misled if they are offered other teachings which contradict their own thinking.

God Himself guides their thoughts and therefore they can only move in truth, since He Himself is truth. Therefore, anyone who desires the truth also strives towards God, and every will towards Him will be rewarded with His love, and His love will truly not let the person who strives towards Him walk in error. .... God wants people to know the truth, He wants them to become knowledgeable, thus He instructs them Himself if they entrust themselves to Him, thus they appeal to Him for enlightenment and confess themselves as ignorant before God.

Knowledge adopted by people offers them no security for the pure truth, and therefore they take the direct path to God, Who is the truth Himself ..... And God will not let their faith be put to shame, He will enlighten their spirit, He will teach them to think correctly and give them the gifts of knowledge so that they will accept as truth with full conviction what is conveyed to them mentally or through the inner Word by God's grace and love. Only the desire for truth is demanded by God, and this desire for pure truth also earns the human being fullest knowledge which makes him happy because he recognises it as pure truth ....



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